7/25/2001 to 12/23/2006 IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER


1 Knee Bruce Looking for anyone who might have known Pvt. Ray G. Roberts, Armored Intelligence Specialist. He was at Dutch Harbor and Kiska. Arrived April 1942 and left 19 Dec. 1943. Ray, my wife's father, passed away and we're trying to find more information about him and his tour in the Aleutians. 7/25/2001 12:20:23
2 Blackburn William Would like to hear from friends I served with in the 70's. Please contact me at RR1, Box 9065, Augusta, WV 26704. Thanks! 7/25/2001 12:31:06
3 Divin Joe My father, Michael J. Divin, served on Attu during WW-II. He recently passed away. If anyone knew him or has any information about him, please get in touch. It would be greatly appreciated. 7/25/2001 13:14:30
4 Andersen Thayne Please check out a web page I just made using pictures my dad sent home from Alaska in 1943. If you recognize anything or can tell me anything about them, please e-mail me.

7/25/2001 13:27:06
5 Beach Jean My father, ALLAN R. MOORE, was in the Aleutians in May of 1943 with the 7th Infantry. He was stationed at Ft. Ord Calif before he left the states. His rank at that time was SGT. He came from Boston, and was known as the "COSMOLENE KID." He was a Heavy Anti-aircraft/Artillery Mechanic. I know I am looking for a needle in a hey stack I pray someone out there can help find someone who knew my father or could tell me more about ATTU 7th Infantry. Looking for a miracle, please help! 7/25/2001 13:34:05
6 Cull David My father, Herbert G. Cull, was a doctor on Adak from (as best as I can tell) Nov. '42 til Dec. '43. He passed away in 1970. I am trying to piece together his military career on Adak, so I can pass along to my 11-yr. old son (& daughters, too).
I have several pics, including one labeled Charley Coggin. Others include the fleet in the harbor, my Dad with his Quanset roomies, a sub net, some guys playing baseball, & a Jap air raid.
Does anyone remember him???

David Cull
8/11/2001 17:19:26
7 Hattenhauer Darryl I am looking for anybody who knew my father, Clyde Hattenhauer, who was in the infantry at Dutch Harbor, Adak, Attu, and Kiska. 8/21/2001 0:22:53
8 Taylor Bruce hello anyone.......I have in my possession an aleutian Island scrapbook, black and white photos of a japanese cementary and of soldiers. These photos were taken by my mother-in-laws first husband who was killed in june 1945 in the aleutian islands. His last name was Watson. I would like to donate these items to an org. where they can be appreciated by other people or at least aleutian Island veterans. Items like these seem to have more value as time goes on. thanks. Bruce 8/24/2001 13:23:42
9 Gay Vicky My father served in the Aluetians during WWII. He was in the Army Air Corp and was a Radio operator. I have his discharge papers but they don't say which island he was on. My mom said he was on the beach and watched the Japanese so he could notify the U.S. of their position. His name is Mark Gardner Pugmire. He died in March 1977. When he returned to the states he flew a B-17 and was an instructor. Any leads? Thanks 8/26/2001 19:19:46
11 Carter Danny My Dad, Edgar L. Carter, was station in the Aleutians during WWII. He was from Maryland. I am trying to find out which outfit he belong to.
He was in the Army. He arrived in Alaska July 23 1943 and was there until March 27 1945. His Discharge papers say he was in the DMD 1387th Service Command Unit. I can't find any info on this unit at all. Is this the unit he was discharge from? He was discharged from Valley Forge Gen Hosp.
He was an AA Gun Crewman 2601.
Thanks, Danny
9/3/2001 17:50:54
12 Taylor Jean mailto: My brother-in-law's brother was Louis Edward Palmer Aviation Radioman 3rd class U.S. Naval Reserve served at Attu and left the airbase there on May 1, 1944 in PBY-5A with a crew of 7. They last radioed at 10:30 AM on that day, but did not return to base. Any information would be certainly be appreciated. Three of his siblings are still living and looking for any information. Have information that he might have been buried temporarily at Little Falls Cemetery, but Navy will not confirm this. 9/10/2001 18:43:14
13 Tanton Buford "Blackie" 9/30/2001 20:12:22
14 Pyfer Jim Does anyone remember serving with Clifford "Cliff" Andres in WWII in the Aleutians? Cliff is my wifes Grandfather and lives in Valmeyer, IL. He has told me some of what he remembers but wishes he had contact with old friends of his.

10/1/2001 0:30:32
15 Belmont Matt My grandfather was stationed in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. His name is CONRAD JAMES AMEN, as far as I know he went by "Jim." He is from Lincoln, Nebraska. I know he was a mechanic. I thought he was stationed on Attu, possibly Shemya. My grandmother has pictures that I need to look through again. I also know he was transfered to India just before the end of the War.

I am just trying to find out information, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
10/5/2001 20:18:38
16 Mionis Sherry My Dad, Sgt. Albert Schupp from Anchorage, Alaska, served in the 10th ERBS on PT 145. He is 80 years old now, and we are trying to get any information we can about his old crewmates and the ship. He is particularly interested in finding his old buddy Troy Blanton from Paris, Texas. If anyone can provide any information abou the guys my dad may have served with, pictures, the ship, their missions, etc., please e-mail me. Thank you. 11/4/2001 23:32:26
17 Friar Curtis Paul I served with the Army 210th Regiment serving first on Adak, then Dutch Harbor in 1942. I also served with the 206th Regiment. If anyone served with this Regiment, please let me know. Thank You 11/8/2001 19:27:07
18 Beard Mickey Looking for those who served with my brother, Russell M. Winkler aka "Buddy." He was with Co 159th Infantry - Pack Howetzer.

In 1943 and 1944 he was on Adak, Attu; Kiska, returned to Attu.

He does not use a computer so I will forward messages.

I know he would like to hear from old friends.

Thanks Mickey
11/10/2001 19:12:45
19 Hamm Vicki VHAMM@APEX.NET My dad's name was Bruce Luke Thompson. He was born on 12/08/25 and died on 3/6/98. He served our country in WWII. I would like any information that I can get about his military experience. Can anyone give me information about his military career or tell me how to obtain that information. He was from Symsonia, Kentucky which is close to Paducah, Kentucky. I can be reached at or 745 State Route 348 W, Symsonia, KY 42082.

Vicki Hamm
11/11/2001 22:18:20
20 Castillo Victor I am looking for anyone who might have photos of my great-great Uncle, Joseph P. Martinez, MOH reciepient. Or if you have any articles or if you have someone who fought along side him.

Thanks in advance,

11/28/2001 2:29:34
21 Schmidt John I am a member of the USAF Crash Rescue Boat Assoc........I was assigned to I believe it was the P509 stationed at Rodman Naval Station in the Panama Canal.. I was assigned upon enlisting in CZ in April 1951.

I would like very much to be able to obtain a photograph of the 509...I believe Henry Payne was the skipper of the boat.

Also...would there have been an "oprganizational patch" for the 3rd Crash Rescue Boat Sq there in the Canal?

Would appreciate any help.

John E Schmidt Jr
12/15/2001 17:03:45
22 Logan Philip mailto: I am seeking veterans of the 4th Regimental combat team and the 4th infantry regiment for all wars and eras. Please visit my website:,11003,712640,00.html

Phil Logan
4th Infantry Veteran
12/16/2001 11:25:02
23 Hince Eric My name is Eric Hince and I am the grandson of Col. Percy LeStourgeon. I was wondering if anyone may have known my grandfather, who was CO of the 4th Infantry Regiment. Prior to becoming CO, he was (in reverse order) Regimental XO, 2nd Battalion CO, Regimental S3 and Commander of H Company, 1st Battalion. I am interested in any response.


Eric C. Hince
Phone: (845) 651-4141
12/23/2001 12:26:38
24 Hannigan Karyn My father is Jim Hannigan, served in 7th Infantry on Attu. If anyone knew him and wants to contact, send me an email. He is now 82 and back in Maine. 12/25/2001 11:49:55
25 Sheppard Gary Looking for anyone from 281st ASA Co. late 1959 through 1960. I was 059. 12/27/2001 9:01:31
26 arietta steve my dad bill arietta or biagi arietta from san francicsco was at dutch harbor 1941 to 1943. if anyone remembers him please contact me. he was in the antiaircrft unit stationed there,,,also need to know what AA unit was assigned to dutch harbor in those yrs. trying to look up my dads history. any help suggestions would be appreciated....steve arietta [707]571 4422...thanks and god bless. 1/4/2002 19:49:34
27 Evans James My name is James O Evans. I am the youngest son of Oliver Evans aka( Limy ) who served in 7 division Battery D 78 C.A. AA who was on ATTU from May 3 to 1944. I also have contact with SGT Anthony Paserb and James V Lanzi of the same squad. If you remember my Father please contact me at 1/13/2002 22:52:03
28 Evans James My name is James O Evans. I am the youngest son of Oliver Evans aka( Limy ) who served in 7 division Battery D 78 C.A. AA who was on ATTU from May 3 1943 to 1944. I also have contact with SGT Anthony Paserb and James V Lanzi of the same squad. If you remember my Father please contact me at 1/13/2002 22:53:01
29 Sandborn Nancy Looking for any information on 250th Coastal Artillery 3rd Battalion and specifically August Paul ("Pat") Petrovich Pvt. 1st Class who arrived in Dutch Harbor in late 1941. Don't know how long he was there or what he did. In Aug. 1944 he received his B-24 mechanic certification in Kessler Field, Mississippi. Please contact his daughter, Nancy Sandborn at Thanks. 1/17/2002 21:04:06
30 Crandall Franklin Hi, my name is Franklin and I am a student in history at the University of Denver. I am writing my senior honor's thesis on American memory of the Aleutian Islands campaign. I am currently seeking any post-war coverage of the campaign including: movies, TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles, and information on memorials. I would love to hear from veterans and anyone else who may know where I can find any of these sources. Any information is greatly appreciated. 1/18/2002 15:09:50
31 Sandborn Nancy Looking for information or vets from the 250th Coast Artillery specifically from Camp McQuaide, Watsonville, Calif. Yearbook of 1941, 3rd Battalion. Father, "Pat" August Paul Petrovich member. Believe sent to Dutch Harbor, would like to know what the 3rd Battalion did. Next record I have is his Certification on B24's from Keesler Field, Miss. Aug. 6, 1944. Records lost in 1973 fire, dead since 1951. Please respond to his daughter, Nancy Sandborn Thanks. 1/22/2002 13:01:36
32 Hendryx Rob I am planning to write a historical fiction book on the happenings at Attu and would greatly appreciate any help that can be given. Any veteran that was on the island and is willing to share information about their experiences pre- during and post- Attu would be a great influence on the book. Contact me as soon as possible so that the personal side of the story can be told along with actual information (and the fictional characters that would go along with the real ones. Thanks in advance! 1/29/2002 16:24:04
33 Franchuk Alex Anyone know if there is/was an "Aleutian" shoulder patch issued perhaps during or after WWII.
2/9/2002 2:29:24
34 Franchuk Alex 16th year Ft. Richardson Alaska Army Vets Reunion 09/10-13/02, Savannah, GA. Anyone who has ever served at Ft. Richardson eligible.
Alex & Arlene Franchuk
602-7 Ave. W
West Fargo, ND 58078-1509
2/10/2002 18:53:37
35 Peppin Ken I am building a web site of all the Falmouths around the world (being that I live in Falmouth Cornwall UK). Could anyone send me information on the place named "Falmouth Harbor", located in the area near "Sand Point". I need written information on its history, past and present, it do not need to be a great amount, just enough for one side of writting paper. But most of all I require pictures of the area.

Hoping that someone can help me in my endevours.
2/19/2002 4:36:44
36 Krukoff Janis mailto: WWII NHA The 60th Anniversary bombing of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Commemoration will be from Memorial Day (05/25/02) through July 4th, 02. The events will honor the Veterans and the Relocation of the Aleutian Island Native peoples. Please contact: Janis L. Krukoff
Aleutian WWII National Historic Area Visitor Center
2716 Airport Beach Rd.
PO Box 149
Unalaska, Alaska 99685
Phone: 907/581-WWII (9944) Fax: 907/581-1496
Secondary: Phone 907/581-1276/Fax: 581-1496
2/21/2002 19:06:42
37 smith fredreick My father, Edgar Charles Smith (may have been called ED), was stationed on shemya as a radio operator during WWII. He was there when the breakwater was destroyed by the wind but don't have the dates. He told me one story about trying to talk down a pilot he me thought had forgotten to turn on his "transponder" and some one the guys drinking hair tonic as the only alchole available.

I would like to hear from any one who knew my father during this period.

frederisc c smith
2/26/2002 15:49:47
38 Thies Bill I was delighted to "discover" this msg. board. I am an 85 year old US Navy Captain who flew PBYs in the Aleutian's during 1942 (Squadron VP-41), Would dearly love to hear from any who are interested in the history of that time period. Those who may care to, can find more detail about me at my web page:
3/7/2002 14:44:47
39 bowling joyce My father Calvin Paynter was in the Aleutians
in 1943-1945. his division was 7062nd sig air warn co. He is from Lexington, Ky. He will be 80 years old this November. If I could locate just one of his old army buddies. I know it would make this one if not the best bithday of his life. If anyone remembers
him Please email me with info. I would love to surprise him.
3/13/2002 22:38:09
40 Burns Joe Looking for any info on my father's unit, Battery E, 264th Coast Artillery (WWII, 1943-45). Have found none at all. He said (now deceased) that he had been on several Aleutians Islands, but other than Dutch Harbor, I don't know which ones.

I would greatly appreciate any info. I can find no reference that the unit ever existed.
3/17/2002 1:06:51
41 sinclair larry Would like info on where or who to contact for jobs in the facilities maintenance or steam or powerplant operation and maintenance area. This sounds like the place I'd like to work. I'm single divorced after 20 years, don"t date much. I have a first grade engineer's stationary engineer license and a QRO certificate for operation and or supervision of a waste to energy facility. Any info would be appreciated,thanks. 3/21/2002 8:20:34
42 Bumpus Joe My Bro. Louis Ray Bumpus helped retake Attu. He was in the 32 nd Regt Co A of the Seventh Inf Div.
I would like to correspond with anyone who knew or served with him.

Joe Bumpus
114 Idlewild Dr
Aiken, South Carolina 29803
4/2/2002 21:02:24
43 Holt Max mailto: I was in Company B, First Battalion, 37th Infantry. We arrived at Dutch Harbor July 18th 1941. In the summer of 1943 we were shipped to Adak . We remained there until February of 1943 when we were returned back to the States. I was at Dutch Harbor during the bombing. I am 83 years old and would like to hear from anyone who was in the Company or the Battalion.
Thank you
4/19/2002 14:57:57
44 Layshock Joanne I am looking for information on the 207th Port company (which island, which years, etc). My father Charles Edward Rose served in the Aleutian Islands approx. years 1943-1945. May also have been Company B 383rd Port Battallion. They may have been out of Ft. Lawton Washington.
Please contact me (his youngest daughter) at
4/21/2002 21:59:04
45 Sain Howard My uncle, Ralph W. Speck, asked me to find info on his old group -- WWII, 807TH Engineers, Separte, Aleutian Islands. He is now about 85 years old. If you knew him or the "group", please reply,
Thanks, Howard Sain ==
4/22/2002 9:38:13
46 cartagena george Marion Matchelle Tarpley-Rivas (?) stationed with Bendix in 94/95. Please give me a buzz. 4/28/2002 19:55:52
47 Lane Colleen My Grandfather William Markowski was in the Aleu'tian Is'lands at some companay called Allertons" >???
Does anyone have any info on that company or for that matter my Grandfather?
Thank you in advance and as my G-Granparents used to say "May God be blessing"
5/5/2002 9:23:14
48 Long Ronald I was stationed on shemya late 1953 and closed the place down in july 1954 had some good times.I know about the coke bottles. 5/17/2002 11:19:46
49 wright dennis Looking for any information on Ray Wright who was killed on Attu Island during WW 2. I do not know what unit he was in. He was from Sandpoint,Idaho. 5/22/2002 21:06:41
50 Dailey John mailto: Looking for anyone that may have been stationed on Shemya during 1968......I worked in air freight at that time 5/23/2002 11:03:53
51 Brown Mark My father L.J. Brown fought in the Aleutians and so did my Uncle Malcom Rose. All I know is that they fought in a battle where almost every man was lost, or at least few survived. I would love to know more about all this and if anyone knows them.

Thanks, Mark Brown
5/24/2002 0:40:43
52 Vinck Claire My father fought in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. I do not know what unit he was in. I remember his uniform that hung in the closet. It had corporal stripes and I remember the patch with the bear on it which appears to be the Alaskan Defense Command patch.

My father was Nestor T Vinck. He died November 11, 1969.

How can I find out about his service record? Where he fought? What unit he was in? Any information?

I know he was wounded.
5/24/2002 7:12:00
53 Calamia Joseph R. My father (now 82) served in the U.S. Navy aboard YP-85(?) which was actually a "fishing-smack" converted into a minesweeper. He recalls serving under a Capt. Mckena(sp?). My dad, Joseph A. Calamia was a 3rd or, 2nd class Aviation machinest mate at the time. If, anyone out there recalls him and or, a Capt. Mc Kena please write me at my e-mail. Thank You. 5/24/2002 13:22:13
54 nelson chris I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Sidney Bootsma, who was stationed in the Aleutians during WWII. His uniform has the Alaskan Defense Command patch and another one that is a red/yellow/blue circle. He died just before I was born, so I don't know much about him or what he did. My grandma said he had an attack dog, lived in a cave, and hated spam. He was from Pollock, SD. 6/2/2002 11:01:53
55 Rance Curtis mailto: My father Cecil Rance was a engineer in the Aleutians when the Japs landed. I would be interested to know of anyone who remembers my father that served with him. His home of record was Indiana, but when he joined the Army he lived in Michigan. He later was stationed near Nancy, France. Dad died a few years ago and is laid to rest with his fellow service members at The Grand Haven, MI Veterans Home Cemetary. Thank you and God bless all who served and gone before us. 6/4/2002 1:25:21
56 Weber Don Anyone who worked on Amchitka Island between 1964 and 1993 should contact Don Weber at the Amchitka Medical Surveillance Project. Toll-Free 1-888-827-6772 or in Anchorage at 907-258-6771. 6/6/2002 20:55:03
57 Hastings Robert Hell,

My name is Bob Hastings and I served in the 260th Artillery of the Army during WW II.

Can you tell me where to find Dutch Harbor information?


6/11/2002 13:45:05
58 Holmgren Jill Can anyone tell me anything about the football teams and games on Attu in 1944?
I am also looking for someone who was in Dutch Harbor the winter of 1941-42, or on Kiska any time during 1941-44. I have a couple of questions. Thanks for your help, and for your service to our country!
Jill in Fairbanks, AK
6/11/2002 19:03:46
59 Jampoler Andrew C. A. mailto: In April 2003 the US Naval Institute press will publish my book, ADAK, THE ORDEAL OF ALFA FOXTROT 586.

ADAK is the true story of the ditching of a Navy P-3 off Shemya in October 1978. The crew was based on Adak at the time.

ADAK draws on extensive interviews and the author's own P-3 experience to tell a gripping story of Cold War trial and survival.

6/23/2002 13:59:25
60 Pourier Ronnie My dad was stationed in the Aleution Islands during WII.His name is Percy Pourier. Does anyone remember him? He had a scrapbook from when he was there but it has since been lost. If anyone has any info. or recollection I would appreciate it.He passed away in 1978. Most of the men who signed his book wrote these words in quotation "remember Dutch Harbor". 6/23/2002 15:13:19
61 Kenyon Elliott Looking for men who served with me at Seward, AK, or on the Aleutian Island of Amchitka, from March 1941 to summer of 1943. I was with the l51st Combat engineers. 7/1/2002 23:05:16
62 O'Mary Mike My Father, M/Sgt John Morgan O'Mary, served in the Aleutians during WWII as a crew chief on the C-47's that move cargo and personnel between Anchorage and all the islands. I would be most grateful if anyone that may have known him to contact me. My father passed away January 25, 1995. Thank you. 7/7/2002 8:31:43
63 Bulli Dan Anyone who seved with Flt. B of the 375th Long Range Reconnaissance Squadron, I would be pleased to hear from you. 7/8/2002 22:05:11
64 Peppin Ken I am constructing a web page of all the Falmouths around the world. One of the locations is Falmouth Harbor on Nagai Island in the Aleutian Islands. Now I understand this island may be uninhabited, so gathering material for this place is proving difficult. So if anyone has any information that they think that might be of interest to me (pictures or text), please contact me via my e-mail. Thank you.
7/13/2002 4:42:52
65 Sproul Bob I am searching for information concerning my fathers cousin Cloyd Thoman. He served in the Aleutians during WWII. He is 92 years old and was originally from Shickley, Ne. If there is anyone out there that might remeber him I would sure like to hear from you. Thanks. 7/15/2002 13:06:55
66 Wine Tammy My father served with the 55thSRW. His aircraft was a RC-135E named Rivet Amber. He was fortunate enough to have come home on June 4, 1969. He is retired and living in West Virginia.His name is Clarence R. Wine " Bob". He retired as a Msgt in the fall of 1971. he would be interested in finding anyone that is still around that remembers him. This would be a real joy to him. Thank you from a former USAF member, his son. 7/19/2002 20:24:43
67 glennon george hi my father served 23 months on the aleau tions i have many pictures to shrare with you.all if interested please contact my fathers name was george gkennon he was in signal corps attu and kiska 43-45 7/20/2002 23:26:28
68 Holmgren Jill Do you recognize any of the names of these men who were stationed on Attu in 1944?

Guettel, Fertitta, Mike Callahan, Hammers, Clif, Olins, Harris, MacInnis, Taylor, Pearson, something that looks like Pilverman or Silverman, and Selznick.

Can you help me find a way to discover their first names?

7/21/2002 6:11:01
69 Brown Bob Hi, My father was stationed in the Aleutians at possibly Amchitka, but not sure. He was flt. engineer on B-24's operating out of one of the islands. I have photos taken there of his crew (with names), and of his plane. Will gladly share. His name was John W. (Jack) Brown. He died in 1967 of cancer. Would like very much to contact someone there with him in 1943. I will post names of crew in a later post. Bob 7/23/2002 10:46:33
70 McDuff Josh I am looking for any vets who were in the 618th Field Artillery Observation Battalion on Attu. My Grandfather was in Battery B; I am looking for information on the man who I never really knew. I am writing a family history and any first hand information was help greatly. Please email me if you wish. Thank you.
7/23/2002 11:56:11
71 weems ryan I am looking for two men Bob Bullard and Johonnie taylor they worked for a drilling company in the 1970's named Parker drilling on a job driling a whole for a nuclear bomb that nobody really knows about apparently the government has really kept this quiet, but my uncle was one of the men drilling with these men and right now he is dieing of cancer because of some asbestosis he was exposed to while driling if anybody knows anything about any of this please write me I really need your help 8/7/2002 20:52:36
72 Wamser Dennis Was stationed on Shemya (6984th) '64-'65 as a 203. Survived the earthquake.. Looking for anyone else who may have been there during that time. Exchange pictures, etc.

8/14/2002 14:53:20
73 Dan Zipse My family used to have a half wolf half Alaskan Malmute dog. It's name was Tahkwia, pronounced (talk- we -uh). We know the name is Aleutian and I was wondering if anybody on here knew what the name meant. If so please e mail me at


8/17/2002 15:26:42
74 TROISE RICHARD F lost my first notes 9/3/2002 17:03:55
75 Schupp Albert J. My Dad, Albert W. Schupp, served in the 10th ERBS, PT 145 during WWII as a Sgt.. I am interested in collecting stories,anecdotes, etc fronm his crewmates either about him, or yourselves regarding your exploits, times, liberty excursions. I am thinking of putting these stories in a book form and would love to hear from my dad's comtemporaries. Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address or, if possible, maybe you could provide me with a phone number and we can speak directly. Thank you... 9/3/2002 17:23:27
76 Pradel Dan I was on the "rock" from 1964-65. Joe Santos was our tailor(a great one). Capt MacDaniel was our CO; another great guy. Les Hall was our base player at the NCO club; he died in 2000. I cut hair in the barber shop all year. We sure enjoyed the left over wine at the monthly Officers Mess along with the fresh hot bread. I gained about 20 lbs that year. Along with the weather I could forget either easily. But I miss the friendships. Hope all you guys are OK. 9/3/2002 21:37:32
79 garrett ralph type I would like any information that you may have on my Father John Earl Garrett who died on May, 29 1943 in Attu Alaska. He was with the Army medical corp his number and rank was Pfc 7 med bn n 7inferntry division. If by chance you would happen to have known him or someone that did could you please contact me at this email address as I was 3 months old when he died and have on information on him at all. Any help you could give will be greatly appreciated. thank you .Ralph Garrett son of John. 9/6/2002 0:58:10
80 Lampman Vern My grandfather, Lafe Lampman (MM2C), served in the 45th CB on Adak during WWII. Looking for other 45th CB's. 10/2/2002 16:05:41
81 bowling joyce My father, Calvin T. Paynter served on Kiska in 1943 -1945. Unit Division 762nd Sig Air Warn. Co Attached to the 11th Airforce. {Roberts Ridge Radar Unit}. If anyone remembers him please notify me. He will be 80 years old on the 12th of November 2002. Would love to surprise him. He has lots of pictures from Kiska. Some friends he recalls are: Howard Marshall, Roddy Duren, Kenneth Steele, George Whalen, James Hayes, William McCowan, John Fairly, and William Oxford. 10/17/2002 15:12:11
82 Herbert Joe I'm trying to find a friend by the name of Tim Cox. He was on the rock from 1970 to 1971 or 1972. We were at Ft. Devens from 1969 to 1970. 10/19/2002 1:50:44
83 BUCHEGER VICTOR mailto: I was also stationed on Shemya Feb. 76 -Feb 77
5073 csgp.I remember the 104mm cannon monument that was placed in front of the main building as I was the one that "fired" it for the bi-centenial. Boo.
10/22/2002 3:46:09
84 Holcomb Douglas I found your site while doing some family research.
My uncle Philip Holcomb was stationed in the Aleutians some time during WWII. He was with the 807th Engineers. Does anyone know how I can find more information on that unit? Are they still active? Thanks.
10/29/2002 23:32:24
85 Kill Bob I'm looking for an employment opportunity in Attu or Adak. I've lived in Dutch Harbor for seven years, so of course the weather nor the remoteness is a problem. I was a vessel agent for one year and a Harbor Officer for six years in Dutch Harbor. Please send me a response and let me know how things are in the mighty Attu!! Bob 11/7/2002 0:47:49
86 Hayward Rod I was interested to see this page after visiting Umnak in sept 1999 I wondered what the history was.
I landed a Douglas DC-4 at Fort Glenn during that visit and picked up 102 Rheindeer for delivery to a rancher in Alberta Canada.
I took a few pictures of the base at that time and if anyone would like to see them, get hold of me at
Rod Hayward
11/9/2002 1:09:11
87 McGarry Bill To Gary Sheppard ASA 1959-1960

I served 6981st RGM Det3 (later 6984RSM USAF)
Since we all worked together may have met you there 1959-1960. Interested in connecting with others who may have served at that time.

12/2/2002 13:34:15
88 Grass Dave Is there anyone who was stationed on Shemya from 1963-1964? I was stationed there at that time and have been trying to locate the email or street address for a Sgt. Richard Crow, USASASOU. I enjoyed being there during the Alaskan earthquake (3/64)..and also enjoyed the country band with Glen "Ace" Rogers. (I played guitar). I would love to know how to contact him as well.

Happy Holidays to all.

12/11/2002 18:58:23
89 Clark Dee Am looking for any information on William D. Thompson,MIA/KIA July 5th 1942. Returning to Fort Randall, Cold Bay Ak. aboard Army transport plan C-53-B, Air Corps No 41-20048,crashed about 25 miles NE of FT Randall, Ak. Pilot was Lt. Jack Jones. Does anyone know about any of these men. My Uncle, Billy was with the 54th fighter squadron, 55th fighter group as were the rest of the passengers, the crew was with the 42nd Transport Sq. 1/3/2003 13:44:54
90 Oney Tim Looking for information on a WWII veteran named Calvin Young that served on the Aleutian Islands 1/4/2003 15:44:25
91 Schmeichel Cherie I'm in search of my father, William Conrad, who was in the 174th Infantry, stationed in Ojai, CA during l943-44. From what I understand that Infantry was then transfered to the Aleutians. If anyone knows of him (or knew him) will you please e-mail me at "". I am desperate to find any information about him. Thanks 1/12/2003 21:21:12
92 Ombac Malou mailto: Hi! I saw a documentary film last night about how the Aleutians suffered from the Russians. It was really very disturbing and without regards to human lives. I empathize with you and I pray for the souls of those Aleutians who were killed senselessly. 1/14/2003 8:53:15
93 Canupp Lee I would like to talk to Anyone that served
aboard the U.S.S. Tillamook (ATA192) based
in Kodiak, Alaska in the 1949,1950,1951.
1/22/2003 16:20:33
94 Woolston John I would like to know where the 32nd Air service sq was in WW11 what location in the Aleutians. I am looking for more information on where my Dad Cpt. Stacey J. Woolston served. 1/23/2003 23:04:29
95 Woolston John Would like to talk to any Vet that served in the 32nd Air Service Squadron. Aleutions WW11 1/27/2003 21:42:40
96 Mlinar Thomas I would like to find out what units in US Army were on ATTU 1942 to 1945, my brother Nikola Mlinar was there, I have a picture of him standing in front of the Little Falls Cemetery. and others, does anybody have any information . I can send pictures to any requests Thanks Tom 2/12/2003 18:35:15
97 Platt Rita My late husband,William R. Platt,served on Attu from Dec. 1943 to Mar.1945. He was a newspaper editor. I would appreciate info on the post newspaper.
2/16/2003 20:42:37
98 Dudkiewicz David Was on Baker Flt as an X-1 fm May69 to May70. Was surprised that there were so many sites on Shemya. Always wanted to revisit on flights back fm the Orient, but they never stopped there. That was a heck of a place to go to after tech school, but in a way it was better than going to places that had a big nightlife, where I wouldnt've studied for a five level. 2/16/2003 22:38:06
99 Veikley Laurence My Father, Tech Sgt. Norval Veikley , HQ 65th Coast Artillery (AA), participated in the landing at Kiska in 1943, and served there until his unit was sent back in December, 1944. He passed away in 2000. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about his unit. He had the Alaskan Defense command patch and a 4th army patch on his uniform. Was the 65th attached to the 4th army or a part of it? 2/17/2003 23:46:46
100 Taylor Richard mailto: Am looking for information on a P-38 pilot named Robert Young who died on Attu. I'm told, he's still buried there. As the story goes he was shot down and crashed on Attu. Fighter Group is unknown, as is date of loss.
If you have any knowledge of how Robert Young was lost, and which cemetary he is in, it would help a lot. Have the means to visit Attu to find the grave if it can be located.

Richard Taylor M/Sgt. USAF, Ret.
North Pole, Alaska
3/1/2003 1:30:16
101 Perras Galen For those interested in a study of command in the the Aleutian campaign, the University of British Columbia Press has just published my book, "Stepping Stones to Nowhere: The Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and American Military Strategy, 1867-1945". You can see the details at Thanks, Galen perras 3/17/2003 8:06:08
102 Collins Steve mailto: Hi--My dad, Fred Baur Collins, was in the Aleutians during WW II as a builder. I don't know too much about his experiences there, but would be very interested if anyone remembers him and can tell me a bit about what went on.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Steve Collins
3/24/2003 20:19:31
103 Collins Steve mailto: Hi--My dad, Fred Baur Collins, was in the Aleutians during WW II as a builder. I don't know too much about his experiences there, but would be very interested if anyone remembers him and can tell me a bit about what went on.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Steve Collins
3/24/2003 20:20:34
4/19/2003 17:56:58
105 Held CHRIS I was stationed on Attu from 1962-1963.
Anyelse there at that time contact me
4/21/2003 12:37:38
106 Goms Jr. Richard H. My half-uncle, SSgt. Leslie E. Shuler served in the 736 Sig. A.W. Co. stationed at Ft. Glenn, Unimak Island, Alaska. He died there on 7 Apr 1944. He was buried there, but reinterred in Golden Gate Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo, California on 12 Oct 1948. Can anyone tell me what the 736 Sig. A.W. Co. was? I am not having much luck getting info about him. The military archives wants me to prove a relationship, but I cannot as he was my mother's half-brother. Does anyone have any better ideas? 4/22/2003 20:05:53
107 sonnek maurice I was at Attu in port on a LST-840 for several months in 1951. We were sent there to clean up old vehicles, scrap iron and other salvagable items
we loaded all this stuff on Liberty ships, we were from the navy Seabees CHB-2 out of Oakland Calif.
we also done the same on Dutch Harbor and Adak
I spent many hours touring every where we could get to on these islands. we could walk thru the tunnels on the hill above the massacue bay. there was a small tomb stone for the Japanise dead.
4/27/2003 20:25:19
108 Weldon George mailto: Several yeas ago we started locating people who had served in Alaska and the Aleutians in the Signal Corps. We have now had four reunions. If any one who served in the Signal Corps and would like to get information on our group contact me. 5/4/2003 18:35:49
111 hisey ardell my grandfather was Maj. Charles Bruce Michaud and was the pilot of Rivet Amber, a rivet joint plane that disappeared off the coast of shimya in 1969. if anyone knows what i'm talking about i would love to hear any info or stories you might have about the flight or my grandpa. also if you did happen to know my grandpa, patsy is doin fine 6/2/2003 20:36:19
112 Parr John Checked many Aleutian message sites.
Failed to find any mention of the US Navy Task
Force stationed there for 3 yrs using as home base to raid the Kuriles. Is there any info on this?
6/13/2003 12:51:06
113 A-G John I collect photos and uniforms of troops who served in Alaska during WWII. If you have extras or are looking for a good home for memorabilia, please drop me a line. I will be happy to look in my collection for particular faces as well. Most of my collection, though, centers on U.S. Army forces. I do not have much on Air Corps or U.S. Navy units.

Many thanks in advance!
John Adams-Graf
Iola, Wisconsin

P.S. My dad was in the 10th Mountain during WWII stationed at Camp
6/19/2003 17:22:10
114 Mitchell Bruce Looking for a WW2 Picture of Hanger #2
If you could help me with this I would appreciate it.
I am working on Shemya right now.
Thank you
6/25/2003 2:06:19
115 Alexander Danny mailto:NCIrish49@Hotmail.Com I served on Shemya from 1970-1971. I was thinking that all we veterans who served there should form our own Veterans Group or more importantly see if we could not become members of the Shemya Veterans Association.
Please post an email or address where we may write to.
The rock is a very nostalgic place once you have escaped her physical confins and I look back with fantastic memories of my time walking her black shores.
6/30/2003 11:03:44
7/1/2003 2:57:01
117 oates jack I woiuld like to hear from any one that served on Adak in the 154th. F.A. Bn. Bty B. This was a Kansas Nat. Guard unit and I joined them in 1943 on Adak. We later served as honor guard for Rosevelts funeral in Washington and then went to the Phillipines. In the Phillipines the unit was broken up and all personel sent to the 37th. Div. so they could have more high point men and go home. From my searches, it looks like the history of the 154th. has been lost just like the forgotten war on Adak. 7/5/2003 17:09:10
118 Dixon Steve Would like to correspond with any surviving Adak vets of WW II. My dad there as Mess Sgt for Btry G 419th C.A. (aa) from 8/19/42 till 4/6/44. Especially looking for a P38 pilot name Hoyt Allen who saved Dad's life twice. Tried to email Don Blumfield but my email would not connect to his???
Stephen Allen Dixon, Sr
1577 Calhoun Falls Hwy
Elberton, GA 30635
7/5/2003 17:56:08
119 Setbacken Gary My father was a Marine stationed at Kiska or Attu during WW!!.

Any comments from Marines who were there.

Gary Setbacken (Cpl USMC)
7/6/2003 16:34:53
120 johns brian looking for info RE: kenneth Groen 7th inf. supply and trans. div. lapel pin says "let none excel us" i am looking for more info on unit and grandfather. 7/11/2003 15:11:56
121 Brizendine E Wayne mailto: looking for Heartsville Leroy MC Millan, served in Attu WWII for Tom Harvey, 1498-CR-3251. Clarkville,AR 72830-8207
any info would be helpfull for him
Thanks E W "Briz" Brizendine
7/15/2003 12:55:10
122 Hilgart Ray My uncle was assigned to the 75th Field Artillrty Battalion during WWII. The 75th was supposedly assigned to the Alaska Defense Command during WWII. Loooking for corraboration of this fact and also looking for information as to the area the 75th was located.
Thanks. Ray Hilgart
7/16/2003 12:15:26
123 Curtiss Tim mailto: Just finished a book called The Thousand Mile War about the bombing of the Japanese on Kiska and Attu and generally getting the buggers out of US territory. Very good book. Hope ya'll are doing well up there. Is it really cold this time of year? Read the weather is the most horrible in the world. I'm in Hawai'i and the weather is beautiful. So Aloha and sunshine to you. 7/19/2003 2:19:24
124 Wilson Paula Any information about my father, Paul M. Isbell, who was in the Aleutians and wounded there, would be so appreciated. My father died in 1985 without leaving much information. Thank you. 7/27/2003 15:54:12
125 Bartovick Mark Looking for any info on my father GEORGE BARTOVICK who was in the Signal Corps, Aleutians between 1940-43. He never said much about his time there, except that they were constantly being moved further down the chain until there were no more islands left. The Japanese were so close that the troops were trained to "come up swingin" if they were awoken unexpectedly. This caused my mom a couple of black eyes during the first months of their marriage. George died on 12/9/2000 in Coffeyville, KS. 7/28/2003 7:43:41
126 McMichen John Looking for anyone with information regarding my uncle, Warner McMichen, or his unit. He was with Company F, 50th Engineers and was killed on Attu on May 29, 1943. Any information is appreciated. 8/8/2003 1:14:56
127 sidorski (aka shedosky) edward I have just been looking thru the archived message
board for any news from anyone who was at a radar
site at either Kettle Cape, or Cape Tanak or
Nikolski, there were at least 30 men in each
company, so where are these men.
Each station had a SCR 270 radar set up so some
one should have taken pictures of them, I did but
when I heard that we would be searched before
boarding the boat to the US I put the pictures in
the bottom of my gas mask but when we got to the
states I forgot that I put the pictures there and
turned in the gas mask (radar was secret then).
I also buried some radar tubes that I didn't
want to get caught with so they are still there.
One day in the distant future some one will find
them and say what the heck are these things.
8/11/2003 17:11:45
128 Krovitskie Alma Looking for any person who served with my father, Joseph F. Kane, during WW11. He was in the Aleutian Islands and served in the Navy. He entered the service as a boy of seventeen years old. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

Please contact me so my brother and I can learn more about this time in our fathers life.

Many thanks. Alma Kane Krovitskie
8/22/2003 0:15:43
129 Cross Grace mailto: ctwofeathers @ My father, James Francis Cross, belonged to the 18 FTR, 343 FTR Group. I know little of him or what happened to cause his death in the Aleutians in 1945. Records were destroyed in fire in 1973 at the National Personnel Records Center. Any information would be a gift. Thank you, Grace 8/22/2003 19:08:47
130 kinley George looking for information on my father FRED KINLEY . KIA 12/14/44 buried in France. 79divl-313inf anti-tank-Camp McCabe 388 listed Killed from the 79th. My father was the only one Killed on that date. Can anyone fill in the empty spaces for me. the listing of the 388 is on the ABMC war dead web site. 8/25/2003 16:52:55
131 Pindak Peter Hello!
I want for coloured picture postcards of Aleut Islands and islands of the Bering sea published in years 1970-2003. I would like to enrich my collection. Any serious offer, contact addresses to offices, shops, stations etc. will welcomed very. Thanks!
8/28/2003 18:20:27
132 sidorski (aka shedosky) edward I would like to talk to anyone who was with the
677th signal aircraft warning co at Kettle cape
and Nikolski 1942 to1944
9/2/2003 12:58:27
133 Fiorello Robert mailto: Ran into an old friend after arrriving on Shemya. Would like to contact him and his family. I was stationed on Shemya from June 70 to June 71. Page C. Cline, my friends name, was there until June 7l He is now doing scenery for FlightSim. Anyone knowing his whereabouts, please send me a message via e-mail. Would be happy to hear from anyone else that I spent time with on the "Rock". 9/6/2003 10:43:55
134 Niehaus Gary Worst place in the world to be stationed...One year gig...I worked in the satellite / tech control / generator / etc. I worked part time at the Ratheon site rebuilding the phased array elements but spent alot of time at "Stumpiesl" which was the only bar on the island. Anybody out there that remembers the cold war? 9/7/2003 6:09:27
135 Butler Clark My father Creighton Frederick Butler served in the
submarine SS-34 at dutch harber.I am searching for
anyone that knew him.
9/13/2003 13:28:01
136 Ahlborn Wally mailto: I was on Shemya 6 months, 1948/49 with the 375th Weather Recon's Flight'B', as a draftsman. Also played on the flight's basketball team, such as it was. I'd like to hear from anyone who was there then or with the 375th at Ladd AFB.
9/14/03 - Munising, Michigan
9/14/2003 21:03:39
137 Davis Keith Hello Adakers!

I am the son of Jack and Sandy Davis. We were stationed in Adak between 1965-1967. Father was part of the ASCAC and flew in P3s. Mother worked at the base laundry.
My parents were very young in Adak, with two kids, and I believe from what my parents told me that those three years there were what solidified us as a family.
I want to visit Adak with my mom. Did anyone remember them?
Keith (

9/17/2003 0:31:18
138 Lockwood Roger I am the new manager for the Aleutian WWII Visitor Center. Please feel free to contact me for information, merchandise, or brochures. My phone number is (907) 581-4148. I will be open 6 days a week, even through the winter! 9/26/2003 20:25:23
139 Marvin Russ I am planning a trip to Alaska in June of 2004, and might be interested in visiting Adak if I could find someone to share hotel accomodations. This is not a cheap trip. The roundtrip airfare on Alaska Airlines is about $ 1100 from Anchorage. I was stationed at the USCG Loran Station on Adak in 1966/67, and always wanted to return. I did get a chance to visit Attu in June 2000. You can see my trip pictures on this website at (click on "Post WWII", "Scrapbooks", "Russ Marvin") 10/4/2003 13:59:19
140 Meyer Yvonne mailto: In 2001, I spent six weeks working, living, and exploring Fort Glenn, which sparked a passionate interest in the history of the area, particularly in the personal experiences of the dedicated military personnel who spent those long days on Umnak. I would love to hear about your personal experiences. Ideally I wish to compile all Fort Glenn data into documentary format for educational purposes. Thanks so much for any help and advice! ~Yvonne (907)274-1530 11/6/2003 16:36:08
141 Webb James mailto: Would like to contact anyone who was stationed at FT. Glenn/Cape Air Base in the 120th AACS Squadron, later the 1929th AACS Squadron during the period March 1948 to December 1948, especially the Radio Operator group. 11/18/2003 18:03:50
142 shaw nat stationed onthe rock mid1958to 1959 usaf 11/22/2003 19:56:45
143 Hickson Withers Debbie I'm looking for a few people. A guy named Rodney Moss. And lady named Lucresha Kendrick. If any have any info please email me. Thank you. I was station on Adak starting Dec. 1990 til Dec. 1993. I was in MWR. 11/25/2003 2:17:55
144 Eastman Doug The Sea Island Heritage Society (Richmond BC, Canada) is seeking contact with the approximately 150 RCAF vets (or their relatives) of the Umnak and other WW2 Alaska assaults and photos of No. 14(f) or 111(f) Sqdns associated with Sea Island or the Alaska campaign 1942/43.
What were other Royal Canadian Air Force units attached to America counter-invasion forces?
Check back for info on Umnak at ourwebsite
11/29/2003 12:54:38
145 Landi Marie My dads name is Joseph Landi.He was in Adak from 1945-1947.He was with the 11th Air Force and he worked in air transports.He is 77 years old and would love to have any news on the guys he served with.He remembers a Richard Boyle and Robert Truesdale that worked in air transports and his best buddies Jose Ibarra and Pancho Herrera.If anyone out there knows any of these men please e-mail me 12/1/2003 8:40:33
146 Lockwood Roger mailto: Hello from the Aleutians! My name is Roger Lockwood and I am the Manager of the Aleutian WWII National Historic Area Visitor Center. I would like to alert you to my eBay store called the Aleutian WWII Gift Shop. I have many books, shirts, patches, medallions, hats, and it is all Aleutian! Go to
I can be reached at (907) 581-9944, Tuesday through Saturday from 11-7 (AST) Thanks!
12/6/2003 17:01:49
147 Hicks Terry mailto: I have a new web site that includes a narrative link to my tour on Shemya July 1967 - June 1968
It also has a couple of pictures.

12/13/2003 15:46:30
148 Keran Michael would like to hear from guys with food service, air police section(our friends across the hall) during my tour from feb.69-feb.70. also nick martin, jim starr, james slattery. 12/14/2003 23:51:31
149 Lockwood Roger mailto: KTUU Channel 2 out of Anchorage, Alaska has just produced an 1 hour video called "The Forgotten War". It is a very well done video about the Aleutian Campaign produced by Manager Steve McDonald. It can be purchased for $25 from their website at Check it out! 12/20/2003 16:17:12
150 Gallien Shelby Hello, My name is Shelby Gallien. My father was a teacher on False Pass and Akutan In the late 70's. His name was Bruce Gallien and my mothers name was Cindy Gallien. They also taught with a man named Paul. My brother was named after Luke Shelikoff and BIll Tcheripanoff men who my father was good friends with. 12/21/2003 13:41:45
151 Hill Edd Hill My dad James M. (Jim) Hill served in the 4th Regiment during WWII. He lived in Harlan, Kentucky. He was at Fort Richardson and fought at Attu. I have an Attu "Secret Battle Map" and an ashtray he made from a Jap artillery shell casing. I would love to visit Attu. Does anyone know how to get passage to Attu? Thnaks, Edd 12/21/2003 21:46:49
152 Crosley Quentin Did you know my Dad?
He served in the 344th fighter squadron on Shemya as far as im aware.His name was Fred Crosley and hes been gone now for 12 years.I kick myself for not having taken the time to ask more about his experiences in WW II.I want to thank all US veterans who might read this for your service to our great country.
12/24/2003 13:02:01
153 Day Kenneth Looking for anyone who knew my Dad, Kenneth Harvey "Hap" Day. All I know is he was in the Army, and was a cook. I don't know what island or unit. He passed away last year, and I should have been doing this a lot sooner. 12/30/2003 15:08:51
154 May Eddie Does anyone know my father, he was stationed in the aleutians 1940-1944, was in the 4th inf reg. and was in the main battle for Attu in 1943. His name was T-Sgt William Paul May and was in an 81 mm morter platoon, He died in 1987 from complications due to his injuries from that battle for Attu. Any information will be appreciated. 1/3/2004 20:57:19
155 wilder doug I was stationed at Shemya from August 90- August 91. One of the things I remember is a video that was made, some time before I arrived, called 'Surf Shemya'. It basically was a video of people trying to traverse the icey road between building 600, and the 'new' dorms, with musical accompanyment supplied by 1960's-era surf music. It was a pretty funny video, and I'd love to show it to my son. Thanks. TSgt Doug Wilder, USAF 1/11/2004 21:54:27
156 Franchuk Mrs. Alex Franchuk Planned reunion Sept. 13-17,2004 in Washington,D.C. area. Anyone having served at Ft. Richardson,Alaska, all years inclusive, eligible.
Write/call/e-mail me: 602-7 Ave. W, West Fargo,ND; 701-282-4276 or
My husband stationed there '42-'43; in Aleutians '43-'44 w/Signal Corps.
1/14/2004 0:50:36
157 Franchuk Mrs. Alex Franchuk Planned reunion Sept. 13-17,2004 in Washington,D.C. area. Anyone having served at Ft. Richardson,Alaska, all years inclusive, eligible.
Write/call/e-mail me: 602-7 Ave. W, West Fargo,ND; 701-282-4276 or
My husband stationed there '42-'43; in Aleutians '43-'44 w/Signal Corps.
1/14/2004 0:52:12
158 Singleton Kimberly I live in Alaska and at my hometown of Bethel we have always heard that during ww2 bethel was used as some kind of base.

Could anyone elaborate on that - I have a grandfather who was in ww2 - who went back to Louisiana after the war who met my grandmother in Bethel.

Please let me know what was going on in Bethel during the war.
Thank you
1/21/2004 14:28:40
159 Hicks Terry Former 05K on Shemya, mid '67 to mid '68. Retired as a CW3. See my Website at
1/26/2004 13:56:59
160 Wittekind Courtney I am currently doing a projectonthe aleutian islands during WII and there effect on the Battle of Midway, and am also searching for anyone to nteview. If anyone could tell me about their experiecnces on the Aleutians, past or present, it would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Courtney Wittekind
1/26/2004 14:20:51
161 Gilfert Joel mailto: Looking for info about:
Lester Binkley (Fleetwood, PA)
?Missing or KIA 28 June 1942
Patrol Squadron 41
Patrol Wing 4
United States Fleet Aircraft Scouting Force

Contact me also at:
1/27/2004 8:57:59
162 Beno Michael J. Hello,

I need to obtain a copy of the Dateline segment called Winds Of War that aired on Dec. 29, 2000. It was a documentary on the Aleutian Islands during WWII. It is very important that we get a copy and we would pay any cost necessary. Can you help us?

Thank You,
Michael J. Beno
1/28/2004 13:56:11
163 Musslewhite Matt mailto: Hi guys;

I saw a program a few months back that showed recent video taken at Shemya,, I think it was on the history channel. Anyone know the video I am talking about? I have search and Amazon but I could not find anything. Any info would help, also would like to chat with anyone who has worked at Shemya lately, As I am applying for a position thru Chugach and would like to know more about life at Eareckson and work for Chugach.

Wrangell, Alaska
1/29/2004 18:02:06
164 Bergey Chuck I served in the 344 th Fighter Sqdn 1945-1946
When I left i was the crew chief of the Shemya Kid
A P-38 fighter. I now live in Meridian,ID. please respond if you were there during late 45 and through 1946.
1/30/2004 17:13:48
165 McGrath Linda My Dad said that during WW 11 he was at Dutch Harbor. His name was Anthony ( Tony) Marsich. He was with the Army Co A 69th ET BN. I have photos ; There's men playing baseball, building bridges, a man with a woman and two girls in front of a small wooden building, one of soldiers holding puppies with the mother dog lying in front of them nursing others, several of a man playing his guitar and a couple of guys singing along, and quite a few others. 2/1/2004 12:38:39
166 Thompson Michele Looking for anyone who knew VICTOR RAKUSAN
he was from Cleveland OHIO killed in Massacre Valley in ATTU May 28 1943.
Would love if anyone had pictures of him, or personal stories he was buried in Arlington and awarded the SILVER STAR POSTHUMOUSLY.
2/1/2004 15:03:48
167 Beno Mike I am looking for any way to get a copy of the Dateline special "Winds of War" that was broadcast a few years ago on NBC. Is there anyone who can help me. I will pay whatever is necessary to cover costs. Can you please help?

Mike Beno
2/8/2004 20:17:05
168 Wa lker Phil Spent many happy and unusual hours out at Adak as a member of the Alaskan Air Command Band,(usually the Freedom Bird Rock Band) between August of '73 to spring of '75. Met some interesting folks, including the folks that worked and managed around the NCO (?)club. He was Navy and his wife was Judy. Great folks. Had many musical moments in the old gymnasium. 2/9/2004 13:10:52
169 Stephens Sue Looking for info on my daddy Curtis (Cuz) L. Miller from Waterproof, Louisiana. I have letters he wrote my grandmother with two different address: A. T. Plat. att'd 2nd BN 197th Inf., and A.T. Plat att'd 2nd Bn 134th Inf. I have a picture of him and some other guys with a fox. I would like to know if anyone with him in the Aleutians, was also with him in Germany he was with the !st Div. Co E 18th Inf. 2/17/2004 16:52:57
170 Long Ronald W Looking for anyone stationed on shemya between 11/53 to aug54 would like to hear from you. 2/18/2004 15:00:02
171 Streeter Ann Trying to help my father find information on his brother that was killed in the Battle of Attu. He was a private in the army, Roy VanOrden, he was killed in May of 1943, his hometown was Holley, NY or if anyone has places to search for info. Thank You. 2/20/2004 16:20:46
172 Breu Mary Etta and Foster Jones were my great-aunt and great-uncle. They were on the island of Attu when the Japanese invaded the island on June 7, 1942. The Japanese killed Foster and took Etta to Japan where she was a POW for 39 months.
I am in the process of gathering information about Etta in order to write her biography. I'm looking for people who knew her or knew of her and are willing to share that information.
2/23/2004 9:44:14
173 asano kana I'm Japanese, looking for a information about Alaskan Hunting hut.

If you have it please send me e-mail !!!

2/25/2004 12:23:18
174 Bowles Scott I am looking for information on my father, William R. "Bill" Bowles, who served as a junior officer in the Army Corps of Engineers in the Aleutians Theater during World War II. I'm not sure where he served, but he spent the duration of the war building airstrips in the Aleutians and working on the Alaskan Highway. He was from Tulsa, Okla., and at the time was about 6-1, 160 lbs. with blue eyes and curly blond hair. Any information would be appreciated. 3/6/2004 23:14:34
175 Hafemeister-Flint Susan I am trying to find the history of my father, Ernest F. Hafemeister, who was an officer in the Army and was an communications engineer who helped in setting up the Radio communications center in the Aleutians. He recently passed away and I have no information for my family or family tree. I am presently fighting liver and brain cancer and am trying to leave some sense of history of my father and all he did...especially during the war. Any help is much appreciated. 3/11/2004 23:38:18
176 MILLER GARY Does any one have any information on VR-7( Navy Transport Sq. ) in Alaska? ca WW II.

Gary Miller
Heritage Director
Hickam AFB
3/30/2004 20:03:01
177 Canes Gregg I am a photojournalist at CNN and trying to do some research into any reunions that may happen with soldiers who were involved in the Battle for Attu in WW2. Please respond if you have any info on reunions or vets.
4/2/2004 11:11:46
178 Joseph Tim Michael Joseph, Miss you alot. am really proud of you. Hang in there and be tough. Love , Dad 4/9/2004 14:23:08
179 Bruce Thomas I was stationed at Shemya, assigned to Det 461 AUG73-AUG74...

This all started with a Google search on the word Shemya on a quiet Saturday night at home... Capt Jim Jackson, Reno, Jim West, Pappy Arnold, Jack Allison, Mike Bartosh are a few of the names I recall who were assigned to Det 461 while I was there. Capt Arnie Rausch replaced Capt Jackson at some point during my tenure there.

Bruce Thomas,
Washington, DC

4/10/2004 22:37:13
180 Castanza Joel I am looking for Army personnal who might of collected Aleut Artifacts while they were stationed in the Aleutian Island. If you have artifacts and are willing to sell them. Please contact me.

4/14/2004 23:48:02
181 Sporleder Dale My uncle, Myrne Roosevelt ("Ted") Patten served on the J. Franklin Bell. If anyone knew him or anything about this ship's participation in the operations, I would appreciate hearing from them.

4/16/2004 11:02:25
182 Newkerk Isaac looking for a year book for the 61Th NCB my fatherwas a bm1c Isaac Newkerk 4/20/2004 14:11:50
183 Brinker James looking for anyone with information on my uncle Vernon Bock KIA May 29, 1943 32nd Inf? Attu 4/20/2004 22:41:31
185 Cheeney Lori I am a Social Studies teacher in rural Nevada. Another teacher at my school has given me a Japanese soldier flag with a lot of writing on it. He says his uncle was killed at Iwo Jima. I would like my students to be able to research and return the flag to the family. I am having trouble finding information on how to go about doing this. Pleas help us. Any information that you could provice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Lori Cheeney 5/11/2004 10:37:55
186 Wurdock Bob I am trying to find information about my father his name was Bob Wurdock and he served in the Aleutians on Attu either in or around the invasion.As with most of the letters I read, he spoke often about the Aleutians but never about battle. He was in the army in communications or radar. His uniform has the patch of the polar bear defense command. I am in the procees of reseaching his unit and dates of service. 5/13/2004 14:37:46
187 Ring Ron Family members seeking info regarding military veterans have the right to request the member's Military Personnel Record from the National Personnel Records Center. I recently retrieved my fathers WWII records for which I am truly grateful. Those of you seeking to do this should visit: Good Luck! 5/13/2004 14:58:15
188 Richard Barnett My father served in the Aleutians in WW 2. He participated in the Attu and Kiska campaigns. His name was Murray Barnett PFC. I am intersested in finding out more about the battle at Attu. I also have hundreds of photos from his time of service there if anyone is interested. 5/19/2004 15:54:26
189 Kidd, Laseter Brandie I am looking for any info. on my Grandfather.
Who served 24 mo. in Alaska during W.W II.
His name was Thomas (Tom) Harold Kidd.
5/21/2004 14:48:06
190 Beadles Sam Son of Lt Nick Beadles Hi.

I found your email on the Aleutian island message board.

My father, Dr. Nicholas Aston Beadles (1st Lieutenant), served in the Aleutians and has spoken of the time he spent there for many years.

He is 85 years old now and in failing health.

Is there any way to contact those who might have served with him. I know it would mean a great deal to him.

Best Regards

Sam beadles
5/21/2004 23:22:05
191 Risi Raymond I was stationed on Attu, from May 43 to Oct 45, with the 59th AGF Band, any one remembering listening to our music, would like to hear from you, also played many concerts in "Navy Town" 5/22/2004 14:22:39
192 Ridley Connie My Dad was Willaim (Bill) Juntunen and I think he was in the Aleutians. I only seen him twice in my life and would like to know more. Anyone out there heard of him?

Thank you
5/24/2004 22:24:40
193 scannell maurice I would like to hear from anyone who was at Chernofski Bay in the 195th port co in 1942.
5/25/2004 13:00:33
194 Kaminski Lee mailto: I'm trying to find anyone who can remember my uncle John E. Kaminski. He passed away back in 96 and never talked about the war except that he was in an engineering battalion and got frostbite. I was able to get his medals and found out he earned a Bronze Star. The family never knew. I'd like to know which unit he served with and hopefully what he true story was. Thank you! 5/27/2004 21:32:08
195 Parker John I am searching for anyone who may have known my father..John W. Parker..he was a photographer in the army...he died when I was young and I don't know much about his service there..he was older than most vets ...they called him the old man...I remember him talking about Kodiak and Kiska..he had 2 dogs at one time while there...thanks 6/1/2004 16:59:03
196 Moseley Barbara mailto: Looking for any of my father's buddies that might have served with him in WWII in Kodiak in the 265th Coastal Artillery Unit which was out of Camp Blanding, Florida. He was a corporal and a radio man. His name is Grover Calder and is still alive and well and 86. 6/2/2004 16:21:03
197 Marchinek Shawn PFC Louis J. Marcinek, 7th Inf Div, 17th Inf Reg, I Co,
was KIA on Attu in 43. He was from Chicago and he was my cousin. I would like to learn more about him and his time in the Army and on Attu. Anyone who served with him or could share stories and pictures would be greatly appreciated.
6/3/2004 9:39:27
198 Kauchis James Looking for info on my Father - Frank Kauchis-
He served in the Aleutians around 1944.
Was in the 177th Engineer Construction Battalion.
Maybe was on Amchitka.

Any info or unit history appreciated.
6/5/2004 16:04:57
199 Castanza Joel I am looking for folks who might of collected Aleut Artifacts while they were stationed in the Aleutian Island. If you have single pieces or large collection sof artifacts and are willing to sell them. Please contact me. Thankyou Joel 6/6/2004 9:45:09
200 Schneider Robert It's been 58 years since the war and Japan has never issued a sincere and unambiguous apology. One is overdue considering Pearl Harbor and the atrocities in the Philippines. I program is underway in the US asking people to write to a Japanese Embassy and ask for a sincere and unambiguous apology. If you care, please write your letter now. An apology will also help preserve your heritage and provide closure. 6/13/2004 23:30:15
201 Gebert Jos Hi:
I would like to know if there is anyone working on the genocide and deportation of the inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands by the Americans during World War II.

6/21/2004 2:22:56
202 Quinney Steve I don't really know where else to go to ask this question perhaps I can network some info or suggestions here.

In a converstaion about Global warming I have read and heard that the Aleutian Indians have had to add a word for slush to their language that did not exist historically in their vocabulary.

Myth or fact? Thanks.
6/21/2004 23:23:04
203 Benson Poppy All are invited to the dedication of Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center in Homer, Alaska on July 3. WWII in the Aleutians will be featured with talks, booksignings and visits with Aleutian vets. Check our website for a listing of the full day's activities:

The Center, which is open year round, showcases the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge which includes nearly all of the Aleutians.

6/25/2004 15:39:51
204 Quick Rodger Just happened onto your site,I was in USAF from 1966 to 1970, In May of 1969 I got orders to go to SHEMYA, Well could`nt find it on any map,so did`nt know where it was, I was a Refueling Spec. in Air Force.. Made it to Elmendorf AFB, Spring of 69, while there they changed my orders to go to King Salmon instead.. Lucky fellow,Huh,, While at King Salmon bunch of us got to take a ride in a T-39,we flew over Shemya, boy was I suprised.. 2x4 Island is right fellows.. Bye.Bye 6/27/2004 16:50:44
205 Delaney Julie mailto: I would like to know the reason for being turned down for a kitchen job in May. Upon looking on the internet under Chugach Alaska Corporation job list
I see that the job I inquired about is still unfilled. I am a Chugach shareholder and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. you will be hearing from me again.
7/8/2004 18:18:38
206 Moran Ronald Hi Folks,

I'm looking for anybody that might have served with my father (Raymond Thomas Moran ACOM AA ) in Fleet Air Wing 4 at Hedron from 10/15/42 to 10/12/43. I would really appreciate an e-mail from you.

God Bless

7/27/2004 16:36:35
207 S. Shane mailto: Today, I attended the re-dedication of the 11th AF Memorial in Anchorage. It was a wonderful ceremony. It was great to see so many paying respect to those who have gone before us. I am part of the 11AF and just returned from Shemya yesterday. It is a hard place to work that unfortunately very few will ever hear of. If you live in or ever visit Alaska, make a trip to Merrill Field and see the Memorial. It is a very appropriate tribute to those who gave all in the Aleutians during WWII. 8/12/2004 19:21:00
208 miller robert looking for anyone in the com sq who was there in 1982 -1983 i was ncoic of radio maint 8/29/2004 19:43:00
209 Sickman III William R. mailto:usairborne5150 I have about 70 W.W.II PHOTOs. Would be willing to sale, for the right pricing. Can view a few examples of these PICS under the screen name:,PICS may be to graphic for some to veiw, dead JAPS! and some are of the American Hero's that paid the ultimate sacrifice on the battle field, so that the rest of us could have the "FREEDOM" we enjoy today in the U.S. that some still take for granted, not to point any fingers but, you dirty nasty LIBERALS! 10/4/2004 4:20:13
210 anita claudine i would like to know some one from aléoutians island 10/17/2004 13:40:51
212 Castanza Joel I am a collector of Alaskan Lithics and I'm looking for folks who might have collected local artifacts while they were stationed in the Aleutions. If you have any and are willing to sell. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
Joel Castanza
10/31/2004 20:41:18
213 Hays Mary My late father, William M. Bain served in WW2 and was stationed on Kiska. I don't have much information on his time there, but my mother has somewhere at her house a yearbook published by the Army of servicemen and my dad indicated many of his army buddies in the book. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my father, also known as Willie, Bill, and Scottie (his nicknames) and also to know more about the Aleutian campaign on Kiska. Thanks. 11/8/2004 15:32:09
214 Young Tonya Looking for anyone who fought in the aleutian islands during WWII that may have known my grandfather, Army SGT. Harold Young from West Virginia. He passed away in March and would have been 82 this passed June. He was very proud to have served his country and if anyone out there knew of him, I would love to hear your stories about him and the battle you fought together. 11/15/2004 0:51:27
215 dickson greg My father, Bill Dickson, was in communications with the U.S. Air Force on Umnak and Shemya in 1950 and 1951. He has had no contact with anyone he served with for decades, and I am hoping to locate some information/pictures/etc. to provide to him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 11/15/2004 15:13:28
216 garcia elizabeth my father served in the aleutian islands in ww11 am not sure which island it was. i am trying to find out any information i could get on it. my father passed away a few years ago he never talked much about it. he was a merchant marine, a filipino and his name was porferio garcia. any information i could get will be greatly appreciated. thank you 11/21/2004 13:20:13
217 Shafer Thomas My father, Allen Shafer was an Army Air Corps officer, stationed on Umnak, Attu, and Shemya from March 1943 to June 1945. On Umnak, he headed a Land Rescue team to recover downed air crews. On Attu and Shemya, he was a supply officer. He just recently passed away, and I am editing his memoirs. I was hoping someone knew my father, and could tell me more about him. Please respond to my email address, and give me a way to contact you. In advance, thanks for your help!
Thomas Shafer
11/25/2004 19:43:51
218 Braley Forrest Good-day gentlemen or ladies
I have certs in operating equip,loaders,excavators
certs in boilers and universal reefer tech also
need employment white male vet 73 to76ets
11/30/2004 8:35:08
219 James "Jessie" Would love to hear from some of the people stationed on the rock 62-63. I was a cook so I know many of you saw my smiling face as I handed out the S.O.S.! Or maybe you remember the cold cut days? 12/1/2004 20:56:28
220 LaMotte Arnold I tried to respond to the message by Jessie James, posted 12/01/2004. Jessie your E-mail address is not working, Put a good one out there and I will E-mail you. I was at Shemya with you.

12/2/2004 20:51:34
221 williams greg Stationed at Shemya from JUN 85-86 with the 5073rd ABG. Also worked at the COM as a waiter. Hung out with all the Civil Eng,s and Firemen. Looking for an old roomate ( SSgt Steve Ray) that i've lost touch with. Anyone there during this time please respond. 12/3/2004 23:33:22
222 Stehle Laura I am looking for information about my grandfather's service - and those who seved with him - on the Aleutian Islands from 44-46. He flew PV-2's and was in a squadron with a fighting bee on the patch.
If anyone has any information - my grandfather did not like to talk about the war because he felt his sacrifices didn't merit the attention when so many others gave so much more. I have some info, but would love more of the complete picture.
12/6/2004 17:48:34
223 Cargile Danny My father, Pfc Hobert M. Cargile served on the island of Adak with the 179th Station Hospital as a hospital medicfrom 1942 till 1945. He was so proud of his ervice and the people he served with. A good friend named Bob Green was one. And a Nurse named 1st Lt Pickersgill. And many more. I am looking for members of his old unit or relatives the people in his unit. I hope I hear from someone soon..GOD BLESS .. Danny J. Cargile 12/12/2004 15:56:57
224 LaMotte Arnold FYI

There is a Shemya Group at, there are very few postings, not many are aware of its existance the members there are begging people to join. That would be a good site for making contact with past friends,


On the Rock 62-63 and 80-81
12/21/2004 16:42:41
225 Felix Lillian I am the grandaughter of Manuel Cuadras Castillo. My grandfather passed away in 1983. I was only 14 when he died. I later learned he had served on the Aluetian Islands, but I don't know what part of it or what he did there. I'm very interested in knowing what his part was and what he contributed to. If anyone has any information on him, I'd love to know. Thanks! 1/5/2005 15:58:09
226 Jarvis Sarah Hi everyone,
My grandfather served during WW2 on the Aleutians as well, I know he was was on Adak and one other I can't think of now. His name is Ralph Cory, and if anyone out there knows him I would love to talk. He can't remember much about his time there now and I recently came across some pics. I can't rememer his unit right now though! ANyway I would love any info you may have. Thanks in advance!
1/7/2005 16:11:01
227 Castellucci Gus Looking for anyone who knew my dad August(gus) Castellucci 1/16/2005 5:32:33
228 Ritz Larry I now very little about my father's service in the Aleutians. All records are gone due to the 1973 fire at NPRC (MPR). Please provide any details you may remember or know of him. I have no information on his tour at all (except a few small pictures of alot of snow) due to the fact that he passed away in 1956 when I was only 5 years old. My father was a radio operator on a B25.

Veteran's Name: John J. Ritz
Service Dates: 1941 - 1943
Unit: Army-Aircorp 11th Bomb
Location: ???

1/17/2005 7:33:14
229 Cannon JoAnn Were any soldiers stationed in the Aleutians deployed to other areas of the Pacific? In 1943-1945? 1/19/2005 13:10:48
230 KUTCH MICHAEL W. My father was station in the Aleutians from June 1943 thur Nov.1945. He was in the 11th Army Air Corp in the 32nd air service squadron. What was the 32nd air service squadron? What was it main mission? What air base was it located at? My father passed away last June 2004. He did not talk about the war or what he did. Would like for some help. Thanks 1/26/2005 16:38:05
231 Hanulik Steven I am doing some research into the men and aircraft that served in the Aleutian Campaign from 1942-44. In particular, I would like to know if the initial B-24D's that were stationed on Adak were the model that carried the belly turret?
2/2/2005 0:12:03
232 Hanulik Steven I am interested in role(s) the Signal Corps had in the Aleutian Campaign, especially in regards to John Huston's filming of Report From the Aleutians in '42-'43. If you served in the Corps at this time, or were stationed on Adak during the time of this documentary's production, or even if you have additional information regarding these events, I would love to talk to you.
2/2/2005 0:17:35
233 Jackson Reita mailto: I am looking for info re T. Sgt. Ollie Leother Pearce, Co. 17, WWII, served in the Aleutian Islands. The only other info I have is the abbreviation BSM-PH (?). If anyone knew him I would like to hear from you, or if you have info about company 17 that would help me trace that company during WWII. 2/4/2005 12:10:30
234 Fitzsimmons Mike Looking for any information on Navy Units stationed in the Aleutians during WWII. My father George Fitzsimmons was there '44-'45. I have pictures of personnel and scenery that I would like to share. 2/8/2005 15:11:40
235 Andersen Robert My father was Louis Leonard Andersen. Served with a AAA unit in Alaska WW2. If any one has any rosters of units, can you check for his
name? Thank you
2/15/2005 18:29:49
236 Modine James My dad worked for corps of engineers . They tested a missile there . Any info would be appreciated. 2/18/2005 0:36:10
237 Williams Felicie K.I.A.-Gerald Nelson
Am doing the family tree for my children. Gerald was their grandfather. Would anyone have a nice photo of the Little Falls Cemetery before they sent the bodies home or know where I might get one from the Military Department? Gerald's son was my first husband and has passed away.

Thank You
2/21/2005 19:02:36
238 Prichard Peter My father, 1st Lt Jarvis B. Prichard, was a navigator with the 36th Bombardment Squadron from June '42-February '43. I would be very interested and most appreciative if anyone has any information about his service there -- he was reported missing once -- erroneously -- because he refused to fly with the pilot and that crew never returned. His diary, which I have, has a reference to this but I can't tell when this incident occurred. Perhaps it was in the early fall of '42. Thanks. 2/22/2005 16:00:21
239 picard john Rene(fFrenchie)Thibault--which site can I find you picture?? Pic 2/27/2005 8:35:25
240 Marshall Scott mailto: Interested in information of my Grandfather, Sgt. Enoch F. Marshall, with the 28th Bombardment (Composite) Group. My Grandfather was from Springfield, Ohio. He was with the Group from 1941-1945.

3/1/2005 1:11:43
241 Shatto Michael Ted Shatto flew P-40 & P-38 in the Aleutians. I'm trying to track down any info on my dad. Help appreciated. 3/5/2005 0:49:53
242 Franchuk Arlene Reunion Sept. 12-16,2005, Florence,KY/Cincinnati,OH area of Ft. Richardson,Alaska Army Reunion.
Any/all who have been stationed at Ft. Richardson eligible.
Arlene Franchuk
deadline for attending this year: August.
Fellowship, reminiscing, sightseeing, etc.
3/8/2005 0:03:26
243 Baker robert I visited Attu in 2004 for a few hours on a birding trip from Russia to Nome. My wife and I (she is an avid birder) are returning Sept 2006 for a weeks additional birding on the island.

While there I intend to walk the history of the battle of attu and beginning to gather my info.

If I can do anything for anyone while I am there or you have any special suggestions please make contact with me at
3/13/2005 17:21:58
244 Remmers Jack I am looking for anyone who may have been in Dutch Harbor Alaska during WWII,1942 and knows anything about a Henry Franklin Remmers who was killed aboard the tug Washington while crossing Iliuliuk Harbor'. I am his nephew and would like to know more about him and his death.
I never knew him but am interested in this. Perhaps anyone there at that time aboard the tug Iver would help. Thank you,Jack Remmers
3/13/2005 22:37:21
245 Suarez Mrs Dolores My husband, was PFC Santos A Suarez Jr (Army Inf) in the Aleutians from 8/14/41-10/11/45. He suffered leg circulation problems and PTSD as a result of his service there. Does anyone remember him and what Unit he was in? 3/16/2005 9:19:44
246 Suarez Mrs Dolores mailto:cross1celt@hotmail. com I reread my last post, and I made a mistake. My deceased husband, PFC Santos A Suarez was in the Aleutians 4/14/42-11/2/44. His destination was APTO. Can anyone tell me what this means? Battles and Campaigns on his Separation papers says: Aleutian Is GO 33 WD 45- can anyone tell me what this means? 3/17/2005 8:20:04
247 Oleana Dirks I'm looking for anyone who would know of a Man with the last name that is Attaberry or sounds similar. He would have been in active military in 1944 or 1945. This man may be my grandfather and I would like to know the other half of my family tree. He would have known my grandmother from Attu or Atka named Elizabeth Golley. My grandmother passed away in 1950 so she didn't have the chance to pass on her history.
If anybody can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
3/18/2005 20:38:49
248 Brooks Thomas Happened onto this site by "accident". I was assigned to Shemya from 1969-1970 in the 5073d Air Base Group Security Police Section. I still have the "Shemya stare". I retired from the Air Force in 1989. I have many memories of "The Rock". I salute anyone who served there at any time, especially the World War II veterans. Thanks! 3/18/2005 21:15:27
250 Mazaleski william I am interrested, as a historian to find out about my father's service in WWII, particularly the Aleutian islands He was a medical doctor, 7th division, Lt. Co. Stanley Mazaleski. Any help will be appreciated. You may e amil to email site.
3/20/2005 15:22:01
251 Medina Mitch I am trying to locate My uncle Cornelio Aguilar, Garcia, Colorado military record in the Aleutians Islands during WWII. Any help out there?
Mitch Medina
3/21/2005 15:42:14
252 maxwell nancy Looking for anyone who was in Alaska in 1960, and if you know Robert Gardner, who was Lt. Commander Coast Guard at that time. Any help appreciated. 3/22/2005 15:34:06
253 Albert George I am a Military Historian (Captain) for the Center for Military History, California State Military Reserve. I am researching a Sergeant Charles Young, 159th Infantry Regiment. He served c. 1926-1958. Looking for any info, or someone who knew him. Especially a photo. Thanks 3/24/2005 11:23:13
254 Kiefer Chris mailto: I am looking for info on a ww2 pilot named Paul Neumann. He flew the B-24. His aircraft were Whistlin' Shithouse (44-49474), and # 65 "Lil De-Icer" (42-40965) any photos or info would be great
thank you
4/4/2005 19:17:22
255 Nichols Richard Would like to hear from anyone who served on Umnak from Jan '48 to Jan'49. 4/9/2005 0:21:59
256 Price John Any X Airforce people who were on Shemya
in yr 1963, I would like to hear from you.
4/15/2005 23:24:57
257 Gross Marc For 2007 I am currently doing some research
for an Aleutian and Kurile Island World War II
theme cruise commencing in Homer.

have included the town of Kodiak
Dutch Harbor,Attu, Kiska.

However, any other remnants around the Aleutian
Islands whether Japanese or Americans. Places
like Cold Bay, Umnak, Atka, Adak, Amchitka or
any destination I may have overlooked.

Thank You,

Can anyone advise me if there are any remnants
of the War
4/20/2005 13:22:52
258 Castanza Joel If you were stationed in the Aleutians and came across Aleut artifacts. I would like to purchase them. Please contact me through my website at
Joel Castanza
4/28/2005 21:55:04
5/1/2005 21:49:06
260 Dyson Cindy mailto: I am writing an article for GQ Magazine about the Elbow Room in Unalaska, which recently closed for good. I'd like to interview a couple of people who remember when it was the Blue Fox Cocktail Lounge during the War.

If you have any memories of the military lounge, please drop me an email and we can set up an interview.
Cindy Dyson
5/6/2005 11:20:06
261 Lloyd Terri My father, John H. Lloyd, was stationed at Shemya or Attu during World War II. In particular I would like to have more information about a plane accident that happened when my father and 5 others were on board and my father was the only survivor. The plane crashed on the tarmac and burst into flames, but some how he got out alive. I would appreciate any information that I could get on my father. Thank You, Terri J. Lloyd 5/23/2005 18:25:59
262 White-Bittner Patricia My father, David Churchill White, Technical Sargeant from Newark, NJ, served in the Aleutians. The following is a site on Webshots where I have posted some of his photos from WWII.


Patricia White-Bittner
5/30/2005 11:22:37
263 jaeger douglas DE-50 vet-Sept 43-Feb 45 based in Adak and made number visits to Attu, Amchit, other islands.CG Attu site says LORAN station on Attu "slave and master on Amchitka. Is this true. Doubt. 5/30/2005 17:24:29
264 Demings Marvin-Tex I am trying to locate Harold Krubsack. I served with him at Ft Devans. I was sent to Taiwan and he was sent to Shemya. 6/2/2005 14:30:43
265 Fascia Richard I'm writing a short note about my father, PFC Guelfo Fascia a.k.a. FI FI, from Providence Rhode Island. Although he's been dead for 30 years he would often talk of his time during the war and how he was stationed in the Aleutians. I was hoping to find one of you out there who might have known him. Kindly email me back, I'd love to hear more about him. 6/5/2005 20:51:59
266 Chapman Lynn I am seeking info regarding my uncle, Joe D. Dobbs. According to his obituary he was wounded at Attu but obit does not give date or any other info. Miltary records obtained from archives do not mention any such injury. He was later sent to England where he died after war was over. Death somewhat a mystery to family so we are trying to back track. Any info would be appreicated. 6/12/2005 15:26:45
267 kutch michael w. "HELP" My father MICHAEL KUTCH JR. passed away on June 4,2004.He was stationed in the Aleutian Islands from June14,1943 thur Oct.19,1945.He was in the 32nd Air Service Squdron of the 13th Air Force. What was the 32nd Air Service Squdron and what did this squdron do during W.W.2. Also I would like to know if anyone can help me find out how my father receivied an BRONZE STAR. He was awarded the metal on Oct.29,1944. If anyone or anygroup can help please e-mail me at 6/12/2005 18:53:29
268 kutch michael w. "HELP" My father MICHAEL KUTCH JR. passed away on June 4,2004.He was stationed in the Aleutian Islands from June14,1943 thur Oct.19,1945.He was in the 32nd Air Service Squdron of the 13th Air Force. What was the 32nd Air Service Squdron and what did this squdron do during W.W.2. Also I would like to know if anyone can help me find out how my father receivied an BRONZE STAR. He was awarded the metal on Oct.29,1944. If anyone or anygroup can help please e-mail me at 6/12/2005 18:58:28
269 schafer Norman Does anyone have information about Captain Drummond's assistant A.E. Johnson, (Arthur Edward Johnson) mentioned in the Preface of The Capture of Attu, or where I can get more information about him. Thank you.
Norman Schafer
6/15/2005 5:28:11
270 strong richard i am looking for info about my father. he was on uss spika and uss ca. during wwII. i don't have any info on where he was or what he did. all i do know is he went in to the service around sep 1941 and got out aroung nov 1945. his name is richard strong. if anyone has a photo or info about my father please contact me. my fathers name is richard "dick" strong. this is a plee for help so i don't loss the last memories i have of him. thank you. rick strong jr. 6/19/2005 21:54:05
271 Gundestrup Kim My great uncle Wayne E. Gundestrup was with the 3/17th "I" company. He is on the page with the Thanksgiving dinner at Fort Ord under privates. Does anybody know of him or know where I can find more information on him? His records burned in St. Louis and all I have are his military id number and social.
Kim Ryan
6/22/2005 19:15:01
272 bowling joyce Anyone who may have served with him on Kiska. My dad is now going on 83, and his heath is not that good. I thought I would try one more time. His name is Calvin T. Paynter, he served on Kiska in 1943-1945. Unit Division 762bd Signal Air Warning Co. attached to the 11th aircorps. (Roberts Radar Ridge Unit). Fellow veterans that he remembers are: Howard Marshall, Roddy Duran, Kenneth Steele, George Whalen, James Hayes, William McCowan, John Fairly,and William Oxford. 6/23/2005 17:40:34
273 morris irv Was wondering if anyone remembered a Vellemontie (Montie) H. Morris ? Dad pasted away in 91 at 83 years old .A short man 5'3" and in his mid 30's, a Staff Sargent I believe, he was in service out in the chain and in Sea Rescue. (Donald Duck lifevest patch). He spoke of Attu/Shemya/Kiska/Adak and ferrying damaged vessels back to the states. Any memories of boats assigned to / men stationed with are gone. Any help would be appreciated. 6/29/2005 5:50:53
274 Werkowski Charles mailto: Seeking info on Bernard R. Friske who served
at Dutch Harbor (possibly as a civilian employee of the Army Air Force or Navy). Claimed he operated bulldozer to recover Akutan Zero in summer 42.
Had been a member of AK Natl Guard at Juneau
(Company A, 297th Infantry 1940-41) Discharged
1941 while living at Dutch Harbor. Served in US
Army 1943 to 46 at Camp Claiborne LA and overseas in the Philippines/Japan with 25th Div.
Corps of Engineers.
7/7/2005 18:08:34
275 hoesch richard Looking for Pete Kink. He was a USAFSS russian 20351 who served on Shemya december 1961 to december 1962. I think later went to Misawa. We were in Basic Russian together at Skytop. Good guy. 7/10/2005 21:57:20
276 Brudnicki Larry Just luckly to have had a friend. 'See ya later' "I hope so." 7/22/2005 0:44:11
277 Crosby Jerry mailto: My old boat was used as a personnel carrier by the Army in Ductch Harbor. It is named Mardo and carried the number Q47. It was purchased by the War Administration and taken to Dutch Harbor in September, 1941. I've found a few artifacts aboard, including a helmet with an almost legible name and number on the inside. I believe it says Dennis M. E_____, 256837__6, or something close to that. I very much appreciate suggestions on how to track down anyone who might have served on my boat.
7/25/2005 2:02:48
278 PEMBERTON Cathie Looking for family of:
some of their children are or were:
some of her daughters:
Collen O'Brien Cole
Kathryn Dea Scott
Some of her sons:
Charles Pemberton
James Pemberton
It goes on and on..
*Coleen ws the oldest of her children, I am the youngest-that we know of..our uncle was Johnny Hoover.
**any help you can be would be WONDERFUL
Thank you,
7/26/2005 1:34:22
279 Sands Cathie I am llooking for members of PEMBERTON family.
James an Violet were my natural parents. I was born in Alaska Feb. 1949...
relatives I know of include:
My sister (now deceased), Colleen and Jerry Cole-their children-Jerry, Sherry Brian and Trish.

Thank you,
7/28/2005 23:29:10
280 sidorski edward Dear George, Last night I got up for my usual ritual and went out to observe Mars and naked eye it is pretty bright but it is still only a little red point of light.
8/6/2005 9:54:30
281 Burns Travis mailto: RE: 1st Lt. William "BILLIE" Dory. KIA - May 29, 1943. Killed along with five others while leading a grenade attack on the Japanese at Cold Mt. Attu Island. Awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart. He is my great uncle. Anyone who has any info. about his service at Attu please do share. 8/12/2005 14:26:39


8/14/2005 17:50:50
283 Wichmann Steven My father was Clarence Wichmann. He served as a medic in the 20th Field Hospital. He was on Attu from the time of the invasion in May 1943 until departing back stateside in March 1944. Any information, memories, or stories that anyone may remember of him would be greatly appreciated since he passed away when I was 8 years old, and I am trying to put together my father's story for my brother and my children. 8/14/2005 20:48:26
284 Duvall James My father, PVT Charles Duvall, killed in Aleutian Islands in Jan 1944. Army cannot find his records, so just trying to piece together what I can. He was on ground crew when crippled plane landed, and he was struck by propellor. His basic taining was in Miami where he arrived on Christmas Day 1942. I was two when he died. 8/27/2005 16:08:20
285 Cline Michele My father served in the Battle of Attu and died 8 years ago. I just got pictures last month a group army one and several smaller pics. My father never talked about this war and was wondering if you could help me track down some info. The small pics have on the back "passed by U.S.Examiner Base 1709 or 1704. The big picture has "397AB-8-21-44-162-2-Q.M.Personnel AT A.P.O. 726" What did his unit do? My fathers name was Louis N. Focareto. Thank you. 9/4/2005 11:20:42
286 Cooper Mike Hi - and greetings from Reading UK.

I'm a model maker planning a model of a "Rufe" based on Kiska. Is there anything that at a glance would make the base I'm going to put it on scream "Aleutians!". Shingle beach? Snow?

Al ideas welcomed

Mike Cooper
9/19/2005 9:51:06
287 Smith ,Elliott Connie mailto: My father was Sgt. John W. Elliott from Kansas and served in Aleutians with Company A 50th Engineer Combat Battalion. He died in Ariz. in 1968, a broken man, found in a motel room.
I dont have any of his medals, or seperation papers, just alot of memoroies of his nightly "war dreams" and smokin his camels in the dark. I would be extremely grateful for ANY information about his company's involvement and insight into what had haunted him. Thank you all and God Bless!
9/26/2005 16:56:20
288 Logan Philip mailto: I am writing the history of the 4th Infantry regiment U.S. Army. Looking for veterans of the 4th Infantry Regiment from all periods and wars especially the 4th Infantry and 4th regimental combat team that were stationed in Alaska.

Phil Logan
4th Infantry regiment

9/27/2005 10:48:27
289 Chamberlain Scott My father was stationed at Shemya during the early 70's. His name is Thomas F. Chamberlain.
I remember him telling me stories of Shemya and the earthquake the island had while he was there.
It is in great sadness that I inform of his untimely passing, but I would like to receive contact from some of his co-workers/friends that knew him and that may have some pictures.

Thank you,
SSgt Scott A. Chamberlain
NCOIC Operations 390th Fighter Squadron
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
10/4/2005 20:48:35
290 Sands Cathie adopted by: Guy and Winnifred Scott
They owned: Scotties Packing Co. or Scotts Packing Co.
I was born: Feb 14, 1949 to Violet Pemberton
Cordova, Alaska my birth Dad's name was Jim

I hope some one knows something-it would be fun! GRIN!
10/6/2005 23:49:39
682 Mangold Greg mailto: My father, S/Sgt. Francis E. Mangold, was the foreman of the Base Propellor Shop on Amchitka from February 1943 to October 1944. While stationed on Amchitka he devised a procedure that facilitated the removal of the oil plug retainer nut from the shaft of hydromatic propellors. My father died in July 2001 at age 83 . Any information that anyone might have about my father's service on Amchitka would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 10/29/2005 23:25:43
861 Hall Melvin J. mailto: Mel Hall is interested in finding other veterans who were on Attu from 1944 -late 1945. He served with the 42nd Coast Artillery headquartered in Massacre Bay. 11/25/2005 20:47:18
941 Yvette Ellis I am from south Texas and my fiance and I were planning on seasonally relocating to Alaska (just for the summer) this next summer. The only thing is I cannot figure out where the best place to work is. He has firstmate and birding experience. I have years of waitressing and clerical experience. Do any of you have an suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated, if so please e-mail me. Thank you. 12/12/2005 17:48:09
1521 Baker Douglas mailto: Looking for any information on Eugene C. Baker, then of Omaha, Nebraska, who served as a sergeant in a radar installation on Adak during WWII. As so often happens, I didn't ask him enough questions when he was alive.

8/10/2006 11:43:20
1522 TOTTERDALE BILL I was "TDY" in summer of '68' with 6 others from Elmendorf AFB. We had a July 4th golf outing and races. I remember Boozer II ate exactly what we ate from a tray brought to him at the chowhall door. 8/10/2006 15:28:44
1525 Gronemeyer Mark looking for information about my uncle William C.Gronemeyer. was a gunner on a bomber in alaska around time taking back Kisca. He then went to New Guinea as a P-38 pilot. I don't have much information about his time in alaska.Probably first in Anchorage.Got 1 Zero and a probable. 8/12/2006 18:47:47
1528 melvin torborg I'm looking for army personal who served on shemya from march 63 to march 64. especially men with an o58-059 mos. 8/24/2006 22:52:37
951 Macdonald Randy Served with USCG 71-72. Tried to sign on to the guest book but it comes back read only. 12/16/2005 16:42:16
966 Paquin Jerry mailto: Looking for William (Bill) O'Dell. I believe he served the Shimia Island Air Force Security Service gig about 1963/1964. I did not serve on the island, but with Bill at Goodfellow in San Angelo, Texas. We were instructors at the 202 school. I discharged in late 1965, Bill intended to stay; gaining education and joining the officer ranks. Just looking! Thanks 1/2/2006 11:46:53
967 Baker Rachael I am trying to find an Aleutian name for my baby girl that is due at the end of March, if there is anyone out there that can help me, I would really appreciate it.
1/4/2006 14:51:04
979 Evans Adam My grandfather was at Adak for a little while after WWII. His name is Henry Evans and he is from Georgia. He was talking to me and wondering about what happened to some people he knew. Specifically a man by the name of Kenneth Edward Knapp from Pennsylvania. Please e-mail me with any info or tips. 1/22/2006 19:24:34
980 Maranzani Barbara We're producing a show for The History Channel on WWII battles in the Aleutians. Looking for photographs of Engineer combat battalions ASAP. Please contact e-mail address above or call 203-353-7300 X1221 if you have photos to share. 1/23/2006 15:34:19
981 Vavrosky Roger mailto: I served with the 79th ASA SOU on Shemya from September 1965 to August 1966; would like to hear from someone who either served with the 79th (and with the AFSS) on Shemya during that timeframe. 1/28/2006 13:56:11
982 Hintze Vernon I served on Shemya with the 122nd AGF Band from May 1944 to January 26, 1946. I'm interested in finding out what happedned to the Band's library and the trombone I played while on Shemya. If anyone has any inormation please contact me at 4035 40th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50310 2/3/2006 12:15:57
983 Hintze Vernon I served on Shemya with the 122nd AGF Band from May 1944 to January 26, 1946. I'm interested in finding out what happedned to the Band's library and the trombone I played while on Shemya. If anyone has any inormation please contact me at 4035 40th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50310 2/3/2006 12:17:49
984 Patsko Paul My late Father, Paul K. Patsko was a Navy Baker (BKR2) stationed at Dutch Harbor during the war. He later served on Guam and was there until the end of the war. I don't have any specifics of unit, etc. but would be great to hear from anyone who might have know my Dad. I great guy. 2/20/2006 11:06:37
985 Hensley Karen My dad served in artillery from Fort B arry to the Aleutian Islands during WW 2. He was a staff sergent I believe and cooked. Can anyone help me with more informaton during this time 2/22/2006 12:43:23
986 Gaertner Paul Jr Not much hope here as too much time has gone by--- I am looking for aircrew from US Navy patrol bomber squadron VPB-122 serving in the Aleutians during the last days of 1945--

Would be truly amazing to hear from person who was a crew member of Privateer Bureau Number 59846. Interested in contacts with any Navy aviator in the squadron.

This was the plane that my wife's father was assigned to---
2/26/2006 17:07:07
987 Liefer Greg mailto: I'm seeking photo images of aircraft and crash sites for historical research and possible publication. The Reeve Aleutian Airways crash on Great Sitkin Island in 1959 is of particular interest, but I would appreciate any Reeve Aleutian Airways C-54 photos, as well as other airlines and military aircraft and crashes. My books include "Broken Wings: Tragedy and Disaster in Alaska Civil Aviation," released in 2003, and "Aviation Mysteries of the North," scheduled for release in 2007. 3/1/2006 16:17:20
1479 stammers toni I`m looking for information about my Father. I hear that he was in the navy on a ship in or about 1944. It is my understanding that he was in the Aleutian Islands at that time. I`m trying to find out what the name of the ship was. I do not know much but would love to learn about him. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. Thank you..... Toni Stammers from Illinois 3/19/2006 4:22:56
1480 stammers toni I recently left a message about trying to find out information about my Father, Raymond Stammers I said he was on a ship but talking more to my family I found out he in fact was NOT on a ship. I also found out that after he got out of the navy that he went to a seminary to become a priest. He did this somewhere in Illinois. Thanks for all your help.... especially George... 3/25/2006 2:43:04
1481 Briggs Bob My uncle, LTjg Tom Briggs, flew the PV-1 in Alaska, I'm told. Would like to know what squadron he was in. He has passed on and I would like to remember him by constructing a plastic model of the Ventura with his markings. He was known as Richard Briggs to his family. Thomas was his first name. Thanks very much for any info. My initial research shows that there were 4 Navy squadrons flying this a/c: VP-131, 135, 136, and 139. 3/25/2006 17:35:06
1482 Turner Aaron My grandfather, Alma "Blaine" Turner, served in Alaska and the Aleutians. 'Since his passing, all I have is his Honorable Discharge form (53.55) which states that he served in the CAC in the Aleutian Islands Campain from Oct 42 - Sep 44. While watching the History Channel special, I wondered if he was attached to the 50th Combat Engineers that were mentioned in the documentary. Does anyone visiting this site know if the 50th has a history of those that served in that battallion? Thanks 3/26/2006 17:54:44
1483 Olson Darren Hello, I am writing this message to maybe find someone who knew my great uncle who was killed at the Battle of Attu. His name is Earl Olson, and he was from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. My father just ordered the videos of the shows from the History Channel, and it got me wondering if I could find someone who maybe had known my great-uncle. I have his flag on my wall of my bedroom, next to a sketch/drawing of the cemetary for those killed in action there. Thanks for any help. 3/27/2006 17:59:57
1484 Cowley Shawn Trying to get information on my Uncle Morris Callahan from North Dakota. He was in the Navy in WWII in the Aleutian Islands. Sadly he has alzheimer's now and so I'm trying to get any information I can on his time there during WWII. I will post more information when I know it, but anyone who can provide me info, I will greatly appreciate it. I am currently in the US Army in Iraq, so calling for me is difficult but not impossible.

Thanks so much,
MAJ Shawn Cowley
3/28/2006 10:16:22
1485 McKone Jeff My grandfather served in the ARMY and was stationed on the Aleutian Islands during World War II. After his death we learned he received a Bronze Star. His name is Jack Keith McKone and any information or stories that you may have would be greatly appreciated. 4/8/2006 5:53:25
1486 Aposhian Claudia Liuet. Comm Claude L. Brown USNR and Master Merchant Obit. says he was in first convoy ... and brought back the airplane from the Aleutians to the US". We want to confirm. It was on the St. Mihiel 6-25-1942 in Dutch Harbor, sent to Seattle 7-14. John Fahey, radioman, does not think he was on that ship. It was put on "another ship" to San Diego 8-12. He was captain on tanker SS. Pennsylvannia on the Atlantic in 1940. Any help appreciated! Claudia Aposhian 4/14/2006 16:07:35
1487 howes william looking for info on my dad who served on attu. navy seebee name, johnny howes 4/16/2006 20:31:52
1489 Reed Carolyn mailto: According to records that I have that belonged to my dad, he was in Company G of the 58th Infantry. He told me that he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. Does anyone know what island that unit was on? Also, was there a unit patch for the 58th or a unit crest? Any info would be appreciated! 4/23/2006 20:49:08
1490 Czaplewski Jeannie mailto: "Iggy" (Ignatius) Verhasselt was declared missing and presumed dead on Attu in October, 1946. He was my uncle. He was from Phlox, Wisconsin. He supposedly left his ship to have a fish hook removed from his hand. He was never seen again. This is all my grandparents and mother were ever told. If anyone knew him or the circumstances, please contact me.
Thank You.
4/24/2006 17:20:24
737 Jones Linsey Wonder if anyone could help us trace Joseph La Flamme who after serving a posting in England in 1942 was sent to the Aleution Islands. Would be VERY grateful for any assistance anyone can offer- realise that this is unlikely but God willing, who knows?
Linsey Jones- Wokingham-England
11/4/2005 7:41:14
738 McGee Terry My uncle, Jessie C. McGhee served with the 32ndInfantry in WWII. Jessie was on both Kiski and Attu. He also was in the invasion of Kwajlein and later was KIA on Leyte. Anyone know Jessie?? 11/5/2005 13:22:52
1491 Fuhrman Nancy Seeking information on 151st combat engineers company E out of Tuscumbia, Florence and Sheffield Alabama who served in the Aleutians during WW ll. 4/30/2006 23:44:41
1492 Siemer Paul Looking for information on Sgt. (Later M.Sgt) William M. Arnott, 21st BS, 30th BG, served in the aleutians as radioman on a B-24, 1942-43. 5/4/2006 11:32:29
1493 Logan Patrick My grand-uncle was Major Nathaniel Lindsay who was stationed at Adak after WW2 with the 415th NFS. He was credited with two kills in Europe while flying Beaufighters.

He was killed in Adak on August 25th, 1947 while "transition training" a lieutenant. The aircraft stalled or lost power near the airport and crashed.

I'd like to learn more about his death and whether anyone here may have known him or know anything about the circumstances of his death.
5/4/2006 19:23:25
1494 Robinson John mailto: My grandfather Edward Edgar Robinson 7-6-1911 was in the Aleutians Island during World War II-he was in the Army and ran a riding stable there. He has well known for his trick and fancy roping on a horse. Does anybody have any information about him. He died in 1957 and we know very little about him 5/10/2006 0:34:21
1495 Cowart Glenn I flew home from Korean War from Tokyo to
Shemya; Shemya to Kodiak; Kodiak NAS
to Everett, Washington. I'm trying to obtain
air mileages for each leg of my journey.
Can you help me? Thanks.
Glenn Cowart
5/19/2006 22:07:41
1498 Siemer Paul I am looking for any information about my father-in-law's service in the aleutians -- M/Sgt. William M. Arnott, radioman/gunner, B-24, 21st Bomb Squadron, 28th Composite Group, 1942-43. Thanks. 6/1/2006 15:15:56
1503 Blake Al Check out Shemya on Google Earth. They managed to get a high res image on a cloudless day. It looks a bit different than it did when I left 32 years ago but not as much as I would have guessed.
6/11/2006 10:02:40
1504 Wilker David I was at Shemya 1989-90 in the COMM Sq. Looking for anyone to share memories with 6/13/2006 15:09:20
1505 Wagner Don My Father, Lt. Walt Wagner ("Red") was sqdn navigator on the first Maurader to sink Jap ships. Anyone who knew him or served with him please contact me. 6/15/2006 1:51:36
1506 Alexander Capi My father was stationed in the Aleutian Islands with the Army Corp of Engineers at the end of WW11. I think that he might have been on Adak, but I do not know for sure. His name was ROY FORSGREN from Tacoma, Wa. I would appreciate any information about his tour or the group with which he served. I have no info and he has been dead over 25 years now.
Thank you and blessings, Capi
6/15/2006 23:58:54
1508 Dave Morgan The Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum is actively seeking artifacts and stories relating to aviation, miitary or commercial, in the Aleutians. Thanks. 6/23/2006 16:42:21
1509 Buchanan Samuel "Van" My father S/Sgt Samuel Buchanan was stationed on Adak from late 42 until 44 or 45. He was with an anti-aircraft unit and according to him was the oldest draftee on the Islands. I have copies of the NORTH PACIFIC GUARD newspaper(1943) if this would interest or be of help to anyone. Those listed as staff are Sgts Knorr, Rowe, Bartholome,, E. Brown, M/Sgt Marucci, Capt. Grogan, and Maj. Stolle.
If anyone knew Sam Buchanan from Missouri and Chicago,I would appreciate hearing from them.
6/28/2006 5:07:00
1511 Irwin Harvey Does anyone know the where abouts of Paul Vrooman form Aberdeen, WA. I served with him in May to Sept 1943. We were in the 32 Infantry Service Company on Attu, and the Marshall Inlands in Oct 1944.

Thank You,

7/8/2006 0:51:48
1512 nini hugh looking for anyone who served on the USS Ramsay with my brother Earl F Nini in the Aleutians in '42 & '43 or any information about the Ramsay - H Louis Nini 7/14/2006 14:58:59
1513 sidorski aka shedosk edward Does anyone know of a Vito Gobbo who served with me in the 677th signal aricraft warning co starting in Seatlle WA and selling me an amature radio book for 5 dollars. 7/15/2006 16:38:38
1516 sidorski aka shedosky edward I am searching for any of these men or their children, Bob Basford, Mckutcion (spelling?) Major Dunning, Smitty, Ingles, or anyone who was at Kettle Cape and Nikolski Umnak Alaska between 1942 to 1944 at a radar site in these two locations. 7/21/2006 17:22:34
1543 Wood Alex mailto: My Dad, Charles J. Wood, served in the Aleutians, in the post band. He was stationed at Umnak, Fort Glenn. from October 1942 to June 1944. I inherited his hand-written diary of those days. A couple of people he knew then were Bill Kaiser, Taylor Gray, and Albert Steger. Dad had a fantastic voice, and I understand he sang for President Roosevelt once. I'd be interested in corresponding with anybody who knew Dad in those days. Please contact me at
9/24/2006 19:45:38
1549 johnson charles wood like info on mcb3 who was there at amchitka in year 1950 or 1951 9/30/2006 16:08:44
1550 johnson charles wood like info on mcb3 who was there at amchitka in year 1950 or 1951 9/30/2006 16:11:43
1530 Brodie Scott My father, Arnold G. Brodie, served in 1955-1958 at King Salmon USAF Fish Camp as a clerk. Looking to find anyone who knew him. Thanks. 8/27/2006 21:34:41
1531 Oakley David Hello,

My Uncle was stationed on Attu after the battle at a radio listening post. He dosen't talk about it much except about the lousy conditions. And crossing country skiing into telegraph wires. His name is Edward Gengler of Connersville, IN. If anyone recalls him or has information on him please contact me. Thank you
8/28/2006 13:32:34
1532 Averette Marion mailto: Served June 71 to 72 as Base NCOIC of OJT. Interested hearing from anyone who knew me. New female dorm was completed and first ones arrived prior to my departure. Worked at the All Ranks Club Kitchen. Bob Hope gave a performance in Anchorage but we had to take leave to go and he did not send any mini troops to our site - shame on him! Had two room mates Iterested in hearing from them. One a SSGT in Disaster Control taught me to play Cribbage 8/29/2006 21:41:41
1535 Siemer Paul mailto: Looking for information on my father-in-law's plane. His name was William M. Arnott and he was a radio operator on a 21st Bomb Squadron B-24D in the Aleutians (Adak and Amchitka mostly) from August of '42 to October of '43. His flight crew included Lts. Charles H. Weed, M.L. Fischer, H.H. Lunsford and H.N.Bell, plus S/Sgts. R.N. Byron, Rolland Onstad, James H. Quattlebaum, Royce R. Thomas and R.L. Hanks. 9/4/2006 11:50:51
1539 Glass C. My dad is Dave Glass, stationed at Adak April - Oct/Nov 1959 (MCB-10) - CEW3 at the time, Charlie Co. Very detailed letters mention Rock Crusher, Electric Shop, Yakutat (sp?) hangar, projects 17 and 24...also repairing exit signs, wiring, pole climbing, etc. Plus bowling, softball, skating, fishing, playing guitar, climbing Mt. Moffitt, birthday steak dinner, and 4-hour watch shifts. Dad passed away in March 2006. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

9/12/2006 15:31:49
1540 Dixon Steve My dad was a Mess Sgt Btry B 419th C/A. He put near Runway A. His was S. Sgt Paul W. Dixon. person I am really trying to find is a P38 Pilolet by the name of Hoyt Allen who I think was a Major.
That is all I know other than he twice saved Dad's life and the second time he promised to name his 1st son after him and that is where I get my middle name from.
Steve Allen Dixon, Jr. 1577 Calhoun Falls Hwy., Elberton, GA 4
706-283-8899 OR (CELL) 706-498-5376

9/16/2006 19:58:02
1541 Weir Brad I have a picture of my Dad in front of a plane in WWII. He was in the Aleutians. Looking for any info about this or anyone else in the picture.


9/17/2006 21:17:28
11/23/2006 18:11:59
2459 Gray Dawn My mother's brother, David Porter Floyd, served in the Aleutian Islands following WWII. He was a HAM radio operator who kept tabs on Russia's submarine activities. Do you have a record of David's service? I'm writing a book on my mother's family, and would love some stories about David Floyd's experiences on the islands.

Thank you so much.

Dawn Gray
11/28/2006 21:45:18
11/15/2006 12:33:36
2843 Baur Lorraine Ellen My Dad
LEONARD W. BAUR Jr. served on the ship William L. Thompson in the Aleutians in 1942--43. His was one of the ships that helped rescue survivors of the John P. Gaines when it broke in two and sank the night of November 24th, 1943.
We would really be interested in any information or, especially veterans themselves, who may want to connect and compare notes.
Lorraine Baur
Ukiah California
12/18/2006 0:33:47
2897 Bruno Terry I was on Adak in 1958, 1967 and 1970. The first two times was as a depenant of my CEC father, A.J. (Bruce) Bruno. I graduated from Adak On Base School in 1967, and my the love of my life, Darlene (Clements). Contact me if you were there at any of those times. --- Best wishes. 12/21/2006 13:04:41
2943 sidorski aka shedosky edward mailto: Dear George, Are we really dissappearing that fast, as I chedk the message board all I see is spam you would think that more veterans of the Aleutians would use it. 12/23/2006 7:55:33