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Greetings, and welcome to the NEW guestbook, "Aleutains MessageBoard 2010." Use the Aleutian's Message Board to post items such as Aleutian's related meetings, folks you're trying to find, or Aleutians information of interest to the population in general. Please use the respective sites (Attu, Amchitka, Shemya) to continue to post veteran's registrations specifically.

I implemented this new guestbook application on the 30th of December, 2009. This one has more vigorous checking to keep spam entries at bay. We'll see how it goes with this one! Click on the "MessageBoard 2010" button below to post new entries. Keep your entries relevant to the Aleutian Islands...past, present, or future...please.

A fee of $100/day will be billed to the linked
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fee to remove the ad from this message board.

There are several unscrupulous, unethical, nefarious and immoral cheapskates out there who either manually or (mostly) electronically spam our message board database with junk links and unsolicited advertisements. I try to keep these cleaned out, but don't catch all of them right away. If you see any of these kinds of entries on our message board, please e-mail me and I'll remove them right away. Mail George about spam entries!

On the 19th of January, 2007, I had implemented a new format for our Aleutians Message Board in an effort to minimize spam entries. This guestbook didn't keep out the spam either, but was easier to maintain. Nevertheless, I would spend hours each week cleaning out the "trash" entries. These archived guestbook entries are dated from 1/19/07 - 12/26/09. Any entries dated after 12/30/09 will no longer be accepted to this database.

You can read any of the archived Aleutian Message Board entries by selecting any of the date range buttons of interest.

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