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Adak was one of the most populated of the Aleutian Islands during WWII, which also became a major base for the U. S. Navy after WWII. The  movie "Report from the Aleutians," a WWII Documentary directed by John Huston, shows fairly well the daily routine experienced by the GIs living on Adak at that time. The movie also includes a segment where you can view the war effort from a B-24 as you "ride along" on Kiska bombing runs (you can find this movie on our Bibliography page.

There are numerous well-done web sites on the Internet (see the Adak Links Page) that has as their main focus the life and times of the GIs on Adak. I can only attempt to augment all of this great existing work with what has been donated by our WWII Aleutian veterans, their families, and/or their friends, or collectors willing to share parts of their collections with us.

So, beginning today, the Adak site will grow with content that you contribute. My thanks to those that already have! If you have any photos or stories about Adak to share, please get in touch with Thanks!


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