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Shemya WWII
Veterans Roll Call

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I fear Memorial day is quickly losing its meaning amongst our young folk. They will not, hopefully, loose a loved one to the ravages of war or other conflicts around the globe. As peace settles in to occupy a more permanent place in our lives around the world, as the conflicts of yesterday are forgotten about, the veterans who have gone on before us will soon be forgotten by those that didn't know them personally. Those who enjoy the liberties and quality of life today and tomorrow will no longer remember those who sacrificed their lives, their families, their loved ones, yesterday to ensure that those who came after them can enjoy a long lifetime of happiness and joy.

To our vets: Here's a tip of the hat and a salute to you! Please remember and keep our vets in your thoughts!

George (Smitty)


These are the names of Shemya veterans provided by themselves (or their relatives) who have visited and registered with this site. If you served on Shemya during WWII, or are the relative or friend of someone who did and would like to add your/their name to this roll, please click on the "Register" link at the bottom of this page. If you can assist with additional information for any entries, please email either the provider (Click on the E-Mail Address icon for that person) and/or the webmaster (address link below). The email address listed is either that of the veteran or of the person who registered the vet. Please note: if you don't see your entry within three days of submission, please E-mail the webmaster. On occasion, we do have problems with on-line form processing. Our thanks! (What's a Vet? Click HERE to find out!)

NOTICE: The e-mail address you supply will be the one cut-and-pasted to your e-mail icon. If you have made a mistake with your e-mail entry, or have intentionally altered your e-mail address, then others may not be able to get in touch with you.

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Vet's Name







E-Mail Address

Barrick, Bane Self OK 344th Fighter Squadron, 343rd Fighter Group, APO 729, Seattle, WA. . June 1943 June  1945 Went to USA for R&R in June 1945. Returned Aug 1945. Sent to USA for discharge Oct 1945
Beaton, Ian Self OK Post Engineer Nov 1943 Jul 1945 Happy and well, living with wife in Tucson, AZ. I was an infantry trained machine gunner sent to the Aleutians as a replacement for the Kiska invasion. We were then transferred to the Dutch Harbor Post Engineer and then sent to Shemya in November, 1943. I was there when the B-29 base was built and the pier and breakwater were washed out by the great williwaw of October 1944. Hope to have my book published this year. Because my folks saved all my letters, I have the names of many buddies who served with me. UPDATE: Hey there ancient dogfaces. My new book, "They Also Serve", based on excerpts of letters I wrote to my family is now available thru Barnes and Noble, Borders, amazon.com, or from the publisher, Xlibris (1-888-795-4274). Many old pals from our 25 month Aleutian "confinement" mentioned in this book
Blacklock, Glenn Self OK 404th Bomb Sq., 2th Bomb Group Sep 1944 Sep 1945 Was a bombardier on Reynolds crew in B-24. Flew about 30 combat missions over Paramushiru and Shimishu, etc. Last plane was #63, the Whistlin (outhouse). Would like to hear from others. Now live in Albany, Oregon. (Son's e-mail). Looking for Bill Reynolds.
Blumenthal, Don Self OK 23rd Serv Sq., Medic, Army Air Corp.
Medic, AB Disp., 
Fall 1943 Spring 1944 Wants to hear from anyone on the Rock at the time.
Copeland, Homer E. Self OK 11th Fighter Sq. & 64th Fighter Sq. Jan 1946 Sep 1946 In charge of special equipment
Dubuque, Jerry Daughter, Jeanne Sterling OK 400 Base Hq. 1943 1946 I was one of the original 9 men from the USA to arrive on Shemya as a group, under First Sergeant Goshia As a photo lab technician, I had the opportunity to obtain quite a few pictures of the men and the area. I have a picture of the original "Boozer", a little black cocker spaniel pup, stuffed inside a combat boot. We called him the "test tube" puppy because his father was on one island and his mom on Shemya. I'll be sending along some of my pictures to share with all as soon as my daughter figures out how to do it! Anyone remember James Jameson, Lucky Gabler, Grady McCorkle, Harry Downen, Buck Ridge? Would like to hear from anyone, anytime.

Snail Mail Address: Jerry Dubuque
Rush Square E-2
Henniker NH
Fite, Lloyd E. Stepdaughter,
Pat Arie
OK 404th Bombardment Sq. Oct 1943 Oct 1944 Alive and well at 80! Would like contact with other 404th members. Served at Adak, 1943, then moved to Shemya the Spring of '44. Smalley (war correspondent) went on a mission with us. He worked for St. Paul Tribune. Looking for info on Niles Bradshaw (pilot), Raymond Tipton (co-pilot) both from Phoenix. Roland Powell (navigator). Ollie Marksbury (bombadier). Raymond Peters (assistant flight Engineer). Milton Jackson (radio operator). Theodore Lee (tail gunner). Sheppard (ball turret gunner). Raymond Peters (nose gunner).  Would be happy to hear from them or anyone that knew them. You can reach me at my stepdaughter's Email, and she will forward it to me.
Ford, Burl Son, Rick Ford ND HQ 28th Bombardment Group (C), Air Corps, Component (AUS) 28 Sep 1945 25 Jul 1945 I would appreciate any information , pictures etc. Blessed be those that served in the defense of our country.


Franchuk, Alex Self OK! 14th Signal Service, US Army May 1943 Feb 1944 Stationed on Shemya. cryptographic work. Interested in locating/contacting anyone else who was with the 14th Signal Service. Live in ND.



Frese, Henry (Hank)  K. Daughter, Lynette Frese OK 1st Photoflight Light Dec 1944 Apr 1946 My father is looking for some of his former friends/associates. Dan Lange, you are one of them! He is just learning how to use the computer. If you E-Mail him, please allow time for him to get back to you. Also, if he does not respond, please resubmit your messages so he can try again! Thank you! Lynette Frese HELP! I NEED YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS!
Gleason, Sumner Brother, Herb Gleason OK Tower Operator Jan 1947 Nov 1947 What an awful place (Shemya)...ugh!!! I am living in Grand Junction, CO, enjoying the good life. Not on to computers yet, but just got a cell phone! If you'd care to write, the address is: 261 W. Fallenrock Road, Grand Junction, CO. 81503
Glende, Leo Self OK NAF Attu Navy No. 163 June 1943 Dec 1944 RET-YNC-USN. Ahoy there! Went to Attu via Shemya on board the USS Spika, Armed Guard and all, 1943. I was stationed on Attu NAF, Navy 163, Attu, Alaska, FPO SanFran, Calif. Please contact if you can. Thanks! PS: I live in Chandler, AZ 85226.
Harvey, Owen Son, Tim Harvey ND
404th Bombardment Sq. Oct/Nov 1944 Dec 1945 My Dad served with the 404th as a radioman/radar operator. He never told us much about his experiences. I have his photo scrapbook from Shemya (he had a permit to carry a camera on base). Owen later (1947) joined the Air Force and worked on missile telemetry systems (in Florida, mainly) until 1951. Would be great to hear from anybody who served with him or knew him back in WWII.
Higgins, Harry Clark Self OK 54th Fighter Squadron Oct 1943 Nov 1943 I was a P-38 pilot.
Highbarger, Dean Son, Steve Highbarger ND 626th Aircraft Control and Warning Sq. Jul 1945 Jan 1947 I would like to know more about the 626th and maybe find some living vets who may have known my father.
Inman, Edwin Self/Son, Ron Inman OK Navy Air Sq., VPB 120, Plane #59809 1944 1945 Alive and well! Served with VPB 120, Radioman with CMDR McClain on Plane #59809. Living in Fort Myers, Florida. Finally someplace warm! (Ron: I'm registering for my Dad, who, at 75, does believe the Internet can enrich his life. He actually served with Robert Stack, the actor!)
Korpanty, Dick Son, Eric Korpanty OK 404th Bomb Sq., 28 Bomb Grp. Composite Nov 1944 Aug 1945 Pilot (AC) B24 bombing Kurile Islands, Japan. (See "Shemya Mailbag" for stories.)
Lange, Dan Self OK 11th Fighter Sq. Jan 1946 Nov 1946 Crew Chief, P-38 "Little Butch," #121, Pilot Lt. Preble and Maj. Shivers. USS David Branch to Attu, then bsp to Shemya, bsp back to Attu, then the USS Henry sailing to Seattle. Editor, Shemya Mailbag '87-'94
MacPherson, Gordon Son, Brad MacPherson ND "Casual Co. #75" and "Dept. 1018 Signal Co." on some censored letters. May 1945 Dec 1945 My father passed away in 1970. Looking through some old photos, I found some of the Quonset huts on Shemya. He was helping to discharge the men with "points" and they moved them out fast after it was over. Story about storing beer in a barrel to keep it cold but had to put oil on it to keep the skeeters at bay. Made the beer taste bad. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers my dad.
Morrison, Willie J., Jr. Friend, Ron Rhodes, Jr. Unk U.S.Army, Shemya approx. 1945 1945 or later I was stationed on Shemya from Feb 1989 to Feb 1990, and came across the name of Willie J. Morrison, Jr. I am trying to find any information regarding Mr. Morrison. It's very important to me and greatly appreciated. Thank you!
O'Neal, Walter Grandson, Craig Robinson OK APO 729, Quartermaster Core Dec 1944 Apr 1946 .
Odom, James Walter Daughter, Ellen Odom Peters OK AAC, 11th Air, 343rd Group/344th Fighter Sq. 1943 1945 I am the daughter of James W. Odom and am so happy I finally found a website for Shemya. My father speaks of his experiences often during WWII. He will be 80, June 9th, 2001 and I would appreciate it if you knew him or even if you didn't that maybe you could contact him by his birthday. I can't think of anything that would please him more. His home address is 304 Woodland Dr., Fuquay Varina, NC 27526.
Shaw, John Self OK 11th Weather Sq. Jul 1943 Jul 1944  
Sorensen, Donald Grandson, Robert Sorensen ND 877th Port Company 1943 1945 My grandfather served at Shemya with the 877th Port Company. I am looking for anyone who knew him. I have several photos of his time at Shemya.
Spinks, Aaron Grandson, Jerry Lindsey OK Station Hospital 1942 1945 Looking for those who were part of starting the Aleutian Seminary. Directed by Chaplain Halsall during war time. He later became the first pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Alaska located at Anchorage. (Webmaster's Note: Click HERE to go to Shemya Construction, and the Seminary Article. When you bring up the document (PDF format), go to page 71)
Tesdall, Robert Self OK 344th Fighter Sq. 1946 1946 Very interesting, hadn't thought about the Island in a long timel. Had some long nights up there, but some good times with a bunch of good buddies!
Marksbury, Jeff Son ND 404th Bomb Sq. 1943 1944



Watson, Bruce R. Self OK 633rd Air Materiel Squadron 1946 1947

We were known as "Air Force Supply" by others on the island. Responsible for several warehouses where we received, stored and distributed materiel and supplies for the entire island. I was a twenty year old Buck Sergeant in charge of the squadron carpenter shop. Great fun!

Willson, Preston Self OK! Alive and well at 81 years! 1st Btn., 18th Engineers (C) Regt. 30 May 1943 Dec 1944

After 9 months of building Alcan Highway, Whitehorse to near Alaska border, a couple months on Kodiak, a couple on Adak, a couple days on Attu during the battle, I landed by small boat off a LST on Shemya. Was greeted by an advance party that had spent the night there. Our regiment then proceeded to clear a landing strip and lay mat on it. We had planes on the island in a few days. It was 32 months from the time we left Seattle to our return...nearly all the time at areas of no towns. Would like to hear from other members of the 18th.

   KIA=Killed In Action   ND=Died, Natural Death   OK=Still with us    ?=Data Missing or needs verification


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