1962 - 1963

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Dave CooverEntered the AF with 95s across the board on the entrance exam. In 1962 because of bad eyes (20-30) was told I couldn't be a meteorologist, leaving cook; AP; medic; or clerk as options. The guy in the Green Monster saw me tearing up and left (bless him), coming back with ELINT radio operator. Whatever that was, I was going to take it. Off to Keesler from March to August for training, then to SYA to work. Leaving there 11 months later, and on the basis of my entry scores (too good for a clerk/typist), I was made a computer programmer. That was a job I held with various companies (primarily United Air Lines) until I retired in 2002. eMail Dave

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The Rag - 17 May 1963 The Rag - 26 July 1963
Welcome To Shemya Air Force Station  
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Posted 16 February 2012