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Dan Lange spent the years of 1945 and 1946 on Shemya as the crew chief of the P-38 fighter named "The Little Butch." His photos of himself, his and other aircraft of Shemya have been a fixture of the Shemya web site for many years. Dan recently sent copies of a number of other photos from his collection that we've posted as well. We thank Dan profusely for this contribution. Click on the thumbnail images to retrieve the full-size image. Click on your browser's "Back" button to return to this page. e-Mail Dan Lange


Where The Bering Meets the Pacific 1. Where the Bering and the Pacific Oceans meet.
Flat Shemya, 1946 2. Picture shows how flat Shemya was in 1946.
Shemya, Winter 1945 3. The Island of Shemya during the winter of 1945.
Shemya. Taken with Brownie Box Camera. 1946 4. Taken with a Brownie box camera after trip back from Attu.
The Highest Point on Shemya, 1946 5. A distant view of Shemya's high point, 1946.
11th Fighter Squadron Area, February 1946 6. 11th Fighter Squadron Area, February 1946.
11th Fighter Squadron HQ, 1946 7. 11th Fighter Squadron HQ, 1946.
Dan Lange and Dog he brought home, 1946. 8. Myself and the dog (Red) I brought home, 1946. Click HERE for the story.
Myself and my roommates. 9. Myself and my roommates, 1946. Notice the kleenex in the bolt holes and windows to keep the snow and draft out.
165 Gal Aux Fuel Tank used to store air for stoves. 10. A 165 Gallon Auxiliary Gas Tank used to store air for stove. 1946.
Enclosed Jeep on Shemya, 1946. 11. The Aleutian version of the famous "Jeep." Notice the enclosure?
Shemya 10' snowdrift against my hut. 1946. 12. A 10 foot high snow drift surrounds my hut. 1946.
P-38 #121 "Little Butch" on Shemya, 1946. 13. P-38 #121..."Little Butch."
Shemya P-38 #121 "Little Butch" Side View. 1946. 14. P-38 #121..."Little Butch."
Shemya P-38 #121 "Little Butch" Instrument Panel, 1946 15. P-38 #121..."Little Butch" Instrument Panel.
Shemya P-38 #121 "Little Butch," Turbo Supercharger, 1946 16. This is a view of what made the P-38 one of the highest performing aircraft during the WWII period. You are looking down one of the tail booms and into the famous Turbo Supercharger that gave this aircraft a real advantage in combat with enemy aircraft. 1946.
Shemya: C-47. 17. A C-47 on Shemya.
Shemya SB-17 Search & Rescue aircraft. 18. A Rescue SB-17 on Shemya. 1946. Notice the boat hanging beneath the aircraft's fuselage near the front.
Shemya Navy PBY, 1946. 19. A Navy PBY on Shemya.
Shemya Grave of Russian Sailors 20. Grave of Russian Sailors.
Dan Lange and his Dog Red Aboard the USS Henry Failing Returning Home 21. This photo taken from the Seattle, Washington docks around October 1946 right before the USS Henry Failing and all of us pulled into the dock. I was just 20 at the time! A military band was playing on the dock  and the Red Cross was handing out free donuts. There were women! Red the Dog (with his paws and head on the rail) and I made the journey home together from Shemya. I have a cap on...standing on the right side of Red, I'm about the 5th from the left leaning on the rail.. On the other side of Red is my Hut Mate without a cap.
Dan and Red the Dog 22. Can't find Red the Dog? Here's a closeup!


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