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Steve Brown had the honor of living on Shemya (the Rock) from October 1968 to October 1969. He was a pallbearer at Boozer's funeral. There were two Air force and two Army pallbearers for the ceremony with an Army SFC behind the pallbearers. Many of the officers on the island showed up for the ceremony in Class A uniforms and stood to the side during the ceremony more or less at attention. Boozer was carried to the base of the flag pole and the concrete "Fire plug" and buried there. Steve doesn't remember the names of the other pallbearers, he was the young (then) Staff Sergeant on the front right corner of the casket. Steve sent these additional pictures after posting just a few on Boozer's Page. It is fitting to memorialize Boozer on this day, 34 years later. He is still in the hearts and minds of those who were privileged to have served on Shemya with him.

1. Boozer receiving Viewers.
2. Casket setting aside Boozer's fireplug along with a black wreath.
3. Boozer's casket with insignia.
4. Boozer's casket decorated with black wreath and his pallbearers.
5. Boozer's funeral detail standing at the entrance to building 600.
6. Preparing to move Boozer's casket to the grave site.
7. Boozer's last walk from building 600.
8. Boozer's funeral detail.
9. Funeral detail approaching flag pole area in front of building 600.
10. Boozer's funeral honors.
11. Friends paying last respects.
12. A friend's last look.
13. Boozer's final resting place.
14. Pallbearers and Honor Guard being dismissed.
14. LTC Slesinger and Army officers in attendance.
15. Boozer's headstone, near the plug.
16. Boozer's monument and flowers.

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