Ian Beaton

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These are photos of Kiska shared with us by Ian Beaton. Our thanks to Ian for sharing these with us!
1. Ian Beaton - Landing Craft
2. Ian Beaton - Army Censor Stamp
3. Ian Beaton - A Japanese Barracks.
4. Ian Beaton - The Japanese beached the Kano Maru in Kiska Harbor off the shore of South Head after Commander Abele from the USS Grunion put a torpedo into the 8,572 ton ship. She was salvaged after the war.
5. Ian Beaton - Japanese car and a mechanic.
6. Ian Beaton - Japanese sleeping quarters.
7. Ian Beaton - Japanese Shrine.
8. Ian Beaton - Japanese Gun Emplacement, abandoned by the Japanese when they fled Kiska. This one appears to be a dual purpose 75mm gun. There were 22 of these guns on Kiska. The revetments were built to protect the crew and their guns against bomb blasts.

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