Photos on this page are of post-WWII Unalaska. These photos were contributed by Russ Marvin, who has been for some time now one of our premiere photo suppliers of events and places in the Aleutians.
1. The city of Unalaska.
2. The Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ascension of Christ (click HERE for a WWII look at the church).
3. Looking out over the bay from the churchyard.
4. Memorial Park - has memorials to Fishermen, WWII Vets, and the Bering Sea Patrol.
5. View along Summer Bay Road near Memorial Park.
6. The Grand Aleutian Hotel.
7. Fishing Vessels - Dutch Harbor is considered the busiest fishing port in the US.
8. The Museum of the Aleutians
9. Aleutian Fox.
10. Bald Eagle.

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