This collection of Attu WWII videos has been made available to us through the courtesy of Tom Putnam, Director/Producer of the movie "Red White Black & Blue" which was aired on PBS, November 6th, at 10pm EST. You can visit Tom's web site at for additional information about this movie and to view clips from his web site. Each of these videos below are in MPEG4 format, as is the movie's trailer. To view these videos you should have the current version of QuickTime installed on your PC or MAC. Click HERE for additional information from Tom about QuickTime requirements to view these videos.  Each of the videos below are hosted on our web site. The video files are a bit large, and may take a few moments to download. After selecting and watching these videos, you'll have to click on your browser's BACK button to return to this page.


(You can view the movie's trailer from our web site by clicking HERE)


Additional Videos Found Online

The Diary of a Japanese Soldier 1 (Submitted by Naomi Tabuchi)

The Diary of a Japanese Soldier 2 (Submitted by Naomi Tabuchi)