Photos by Kare Lohse


These photos were taken and provided to us by Kare Lohse, a Danish 747 Classic pilot flying for Air Atlanta Icelandic at the time. You can visit his web site to see additional photos by visiting:

Kare Lohse flew out of Shanghai, as you may be able to tell by visiting his web site, and often passes Attu on his way to Anchorage, AK. These are photos of Attu Island he took from 33,000 feet, during a time where Attu was experiencing  some relatively nice weather. They were taken from the Western and Northern side of Attu on the 19th of January, 2007, from 2325 to 2331 UTC. Because of the date line and time difference, this corresponds to an Alaska time/date of 1425 to 1431 (or 2:25 to 2:31 pm if you like), also on the 19th of January, 2007.

1. Most Western point of USA - Cape Wrangell of Attu Island. Position is about North 52 45' to 52 55' and East 172 to 172. WWII historic (1942/43) as well as a LORAN navigation station. Taking pictures through thick aircraft front windshields is difficult, so this is the best I could get from a sharp lens
2. Looking East, finding Attu Island. This Island looks deserted, but it is not .. see
3. Cape Wrangell
4. Cape Wrangell
5. Attu...
6. Attu...
7. Attu...
8. Attu Island, North side.
9. Attu Island, seen from North-West
10. Google overhead view of Attu


Posted: 23 January 2007

Last Updated: 04 January 2013 12:02 EST