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With so many Attu veterans registered with our Attu Vet's Page, it began to take several minutes to download the page with average modem speeds of less than 56kb/sec. Our solution has been to create a web-based database to enhance the download times and make your visit with these pages a little less frustrating. Also, databasing our information in this way protects the names and addresses from various electronic data gathering mechanisms.

All of the current information contained on the Attu Veteran's Page has been manually transferred to the Attu Veteran's Database Table. If you should find any errors with your entries, or simply want to make corrections or additions to the information already contained in your record, please email the webmaster (please don't add another record to correct an old one) with your information.


We have provided a means for you to manually enter your own data, which will automatically append your information to the Attu database and make it immediately available for viewing. Please be prepared by having all your information available prior to making entries in the database. When you are at the point where you are prompted to enter dates, enter either the exact dates and designate these dates to be certain by entering a "Y" in the "Certain" field. If the exact dates aren't known, enter your best guess dates and enter a "N" in the "Certain" field, showing that these dates may not be accurate. We must have dates entered to keep the database functional. When you are sure all your entered data is as accurate and complete as you can make it, only then click on the entry form's "Submit" button. Do not submit your data more than once. If there's a problem with your submission, please send us an email to let us know, and we'll repair it. To enter your data record, click on the "Record Entry" pencil.

Record Entry

You are able to view your data (as well as all data in the database) through specially created "query" selections. To view the data in the Attu WW-II Veteran's database, click on "View Data."


Visit the Attu KIA listing page


Thank you for visiting our Attu Veteran's Page, and for helping us through this transition period.



Last Updated: 22 January 2017 11:57

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