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Attu Grid Map

Doc Staeger's Hospital # 32. A picture of Doc Staeger's hospital for the pilots, and, apparently as an afterthought, the enlisted men as well! This picture was taken either on Shemya or Attu. For a picture of some of the nurses on Shemya, see the "History" link located on the Shemya homepage. Contributed by George Smith from b&w slide found on Shemya in 1975.
Attu-1st photos showing soldiers working on the Attu Station Hospital, 9/26/1943 # 32a. 9/26/43-New York Bureau: On Bleak Attu. "Attu-here is one of the first photos to show in any detail operations of U.S. Troops on Attu since we drove the Japs out of that island last may. In the shadow of bleak mountains, soldeirs are working on the Attu Station Hospital Project, made up of pre-fabricated huts." (Official US Army Engineers Photo From ACME).

(Procured by Nadine Smith from eBay sources)
PBY Group out of Attu, Winter 1945 # 33. George Villasenor, enlisted at the age of 16, was stationed on Attu in 1945 as a Naval Aerial Photographer at the age of 17 (or 18). George is shown on the left (with the tall boots) with a PBY crew he flew with to take pictures. (George Villassenor)
Little Butch on Attu, Winter of 1945 # 34. The P-38 "Little Butch" had ventured over to Attu in the winter of 1945. During it's visit it skidded off the runway and landed in a ditch. George Villasenor, a Naval Aerial Photographer on Attu at the time, was sent to photograph the incident. Check the Shemya WWII pages for additional photos of "Little Butch."  (George Villasenor)
Little Butch on Attu, Winter 1945 # 35. A front view of the "Little Butch" crash on Attu, Winter of 1945. (George Villasenor)
A Moon-shot by "Little Butch," Attu, 1945 # 36. A rear view of the "Little Butch" crash on Attu, Winter of 1945. (George Villasenor)
Attu, 1945: Joe Lewis addresses the troops. # 37. Joe Louis, famous boxer, talks to the troops on Attu in 1945. (George Villasenor)
Attu 194: Joe Lewis Signs Autographs # 38. Joe Louis signs autographs for the troops on Attu, 1945. (George Villasenor)
George Villasenor holding Attu Morning Sun, "Japs Quit" # 39. George Villasenor holds copy of Attu Morning Sun. The 14 August 1945 headlines shout "Japs Quit." (George Villasenor)
An Aleutian Jeep # 40. A vehicle in the Aleutians is a luxury. Even more so if it runs. The vehicles sent to the Aleutians were mostly rejects from other least in 1975. This photo was taken around 1945, and shows a typical enclosed jeep that was very Aleutian in design. This one was George Villasenor's jeep he used as the war drew down. (George Villasenor)
# 41. This is a photo of a Red Cross Representative on the Island of Attu in 1945. The Red Cross provided services such as giving donuts, cigarettes, sports equipment, and morale boosters. Here they set up refreshments in Holtz Bay and were visiting with a large group of servicemen. Left to Right: Robert C. Johnson, George Villasenor, Red Cross Rep (name unknown). In front: Joe Klak. Photographers always get a front seat it seams! (George Villasenor)


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