Looking toward the north from the south-end of Attu you can see Theodore Point. Theodore Point is the southern most tip of Attu. The surrounding water is the Pacific Ocean. As you observe the point, notice the "H" in the snow. This was our 5 Quonset huts which were connected together by passageway. Lower left was enlisted quarters, upper left was the Armory, CO's & XO's quarters and storage. The center of the "H" had two large water tanks fed by a spring on the side of the cliff and pumped up to the tanks. Also we had a dark room, freezers, washing machine located there. The lower right Quonset housed three diesel generators and the rec room. The upper right was the dining, galley, food storage area. To the south of the "H" was the radio shack which housed the Loran operations and communications. There was a wooden walkway (uncovered) between the quarters and the radio shack with a safety rope to hold on to. To the upper left of the "H" was the winch house used to pull the cable cart up and down the cliff. Supplies all came in at the bottom of the cliff by boat and hauled up in the cable cart. A short distance to the right of the "H" was the Army Hut. The Army had an antiaircraft unit which I have heard had a couple of twin 40mm guns. They were removed prior to my arrival. We used the Army hut for storage of emergency rations. A couple other dark spots near the "H" were probably bulldozers, as we had two. The photo was taken about May 1946. Thanks to Fred Pickering for this photo.

Ardon "Smitty" Smith


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