Dec 1944 - Oct 1945

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Mac was a Chief Petty Officer in charge of the Carburetor Shop, FAW 4, while on Attu. Mac is 81, and enjoying the good "retired" life! You can contact Mac at eambr@verizon.net. Click on an image thumbnail to view it, then click on your Browser's "Back" button to return here. Don't forget to REFRESH this page in your browser when you come back to visit in order to see the NEW additions!

For additional photos from Mac, click HERE!

Interesting insights to AFRS, along with an
Aleutian poem by Herb Smith (PDF)
(Note: All spellings and typos are as they were!)


attu-massacrebay.jpg (37726 bytes) #1. Massacre Bay.
attu-downroadtocascobay.jpg (36267 bytes) #2. Down the road to Casco Cove.
attu-holtzbay-westarm.jpg (40555 bytes) #3. The West arm of Holtz Bay.
attu-japanese-command-hut-1945.jpg (42861 bytes) #4. This was a Japanese command hut, or what was left of it, in 1945.
att-mountainwaterfall.jpg (47446 bytes) #5. An Attu mountain waterfall.
attu-japgunslit.jpg (46589 bytes) #6. A well-concealed Japanese gun slit. Very difficult to pick out from the rest of the terrain.
attu-japtunnelentrance-Shelton.jpg (29038 bytes) #7. I believe this is "Shelton," at the entrance to one of the many Japanese underground tunnels.
attu-japtunnelentrance-mcbride.jpg (45435 bytes) #8. Shelton standing on the entrance to a Japanese tunnel.
attu-japtunnel-eamcbride.jpg (43808 bytes) #9. Mac McBride standing near a Japanese covered trench.
attu-ammodump-bombs.jpg (44442 bytes) #10. A bomb dump located on Attu.
attu-littlefalls-1.jpg (25571 bytes) #11. A sign located near Little Falls Cemetery on Attu detailing the casualties inflicted during the capture of Attu.
attu-littlefalls-2.jpg (26601 bytes) #12. Little Falls Cemetery, Attu, AK. 1945
attu-visitinglittlefallscemetery.jpg (30197 bytes) #13. Visiting Little Falls Cemetery, Attu, AK. 1945
littlefallscemeteryguy-closeup.jpg (18965 bytes) #14. This is the person seen in the background of picture #13 visiting the graves at Little Falls Cemetery, Attu, AK. 1945
attu-littlefalls-japcem.jpg (21576 bytes) #15. The Japanese Cemetery at Little Falls, Attu, AK. 1945
attu-japanesecemetery.jpg (25599 bytes) #16. Another picture of the Japanese Cemetery at Little Falls, Attu, AK. 1945
attu-scenery-mountainscape-1945.jpg (22956 bytes) #17. Mountain landscape view of Attu, 1945.
attu-scenery-mountainscape2-1945.jpg (22644 bytes) #18. Mountain landscape view #2, Attu, 1945.
attu-scenery-mountainscape3-1945.jpg (14358 bytes) #19. Mountain landscape view #3, Attu, 1945.
attu-cloudformations.jpg (14562 bytes) #20. Cloud formations surround Attu, 1945.
attu-dummy-gun.jpg (29367 bytes) #21. A dummy gun on Attu, 1945.
attu-dummy-p38.jpg (49178 bytes) #22. A dummy P-38 on Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-p38wreckage.jpg (188084 bytes) #23. January, 1945.  2nd Lt. Robert L. Nesmith took off from Attu's Alexai Point Army Airfield as the third man in a four-ship formation of P-38s flying P-38 tail number 13400. They were flying a low-level across Attu when Lt. Nesmith got a little too close to the ground. Click HERE for story.
summer-huh-1945.jpg (25259 bytes) #24. Summer on Attu, 1945.
attu-northwestfrom-nas-terriblemt-toextremeright-1945.jpg (33556 bytes) #25. Looking northwest from Attu Naval Air Station. Mt. Terrible is to the extreme right.
attu-mt-terrible-again.jpg (26348 bytes) #26. Mount Terrible.
attu-justsnowandouronlyrecreation-1945.jpg (14036 bytes) #27. Attu's snow was pretty much our only recreation.
attu-overlookingmassacrebay-1945.jpg (39139 bytes) #28. Overlooking Attu's Massacre Bay, 1945.
attu-rockformationson-murderspoint-1945.jpg (33002 bytes) #29. Rock formations on Murders Point.
attu-scenery-wires-1945.jpg (38438 bytes) #30. Attu scenery, 1945. Are those phone poles?
attu-1945-almostsnowedin-lookingoutdoorof-carbshop.jpg (11473 bytes) #31. Looking out the door of the carb shop. We're almost snowed in.
attu-1945-ammc-chief-eamcbride.jpg (17826 bytes) #32. AMMC Chief E. A. McBride, Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-carbandpaintshop-duringstorm.jpg (8721 bytes) #32. Carb and Paint Shop during storm. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-carbshop-paintshop-carb-right.jpg (8559 bytes) #33. Paint Shop (left) and Carb Shop (right) during storm. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-fogcominginover-casco.jpg (18930 bytes) #34. Fog coming in over Casco Cove. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-lookingtoward-casco-extremeleft.jpg (16711 bytes) #35. Looking toward Casco (extreme left). Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-midnight-lookingtoward-nas-fromcasco.jpg (10895 bytes) #36. Midnight, looking towards the NAS from Casco Cove. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-nas-faw4.jpg (18077 bytes) #37. Naval Air Station, Fleet Air Wing 4. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-pby-overhead.jpg (7935 bytes) #38. PBY flying overhead. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-ppandsam-70knotwinds-travelinpairs-co.jpg (11016 bytes) #39. PP and Sam walking in 70-knot winds. The CO ordered us to travel in pairs. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-pv1-mcbrideonright.jpg (21026 bytes) #40. Here's a picture of a PV-1. Elbert McBride is on the right. This photo taken just before Mac made "Chief." Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-pv2-faw4.jpg (8739 bytes) #41. Here's some PV-2 belonging to FAW4. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-quonsethuts.jpg (7601 bytes) #42. Quonset Huts in the snow. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-quonsethuts2.jpg (18368 bytes) #43. More Quonset Huts in the snow. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-runway-and-faw4.jpg (29482 bytes) #44. Attu, 1945...FAW4 and runway.
attu-1945-showplowatwork.jpg (6191 bytes) #45. Snow plow at work. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-warehousetunnel-halfmileintosolidrock.jpg (36006 bytes) #46. Warehouse tunnel. It goes back into the rock 1/2 mile. Attu, 1945.
attu-1945-x23.jpg (16493 bytes) #47. Here's an X23...Attu, 1945.
attu-alexaipoint-fighterstrips-1945.jpg (12680 bytes) #48. Fighter landing and takeoff strips, Alexai Point, Attu, 1945.

For additional photos from Mac, click HERE!


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