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Sam "Sparky" BeardIn April of 1945 Samuel "Sparky" Beard was stationed at Seward, Alaska (HQ Harbor Craft TC AD At Large). During this time he was requested by his commander to go on a mission across the Gulf of Alaska to repair a radio of a damaged ship having over 300 passengers on board. He traveled to the ship in a storm along with two tugs to pump out the damaged ship. When Sam arrived on the scene, he was taken by a lifeboat to the disabled ship where after a short inspection of the malfunctioning radio he found its tubes were missing. After much searching around the ship he found the tubes in the captain's cabin, being used to power the Captain's personal radio. He retrieved the tubes and replaced them back in the receiver where they belonged.  The receiver was now working, but the transmitter was not. Further troubleshooting revealed the transmitter had a red hot final amplifier. He found and replaced a defective capacitor in the transmitter which resulted in the ship now having communications both ways. He went back to his ship in a lifeboat and returned to Seward.  He had been up 36 hours straight. He was told by the Commander, Major Schott that he would be submitted for the Soldier's Medal.* Sam was finally presented his medal in March of 2001.

Here are the names of the people that Sam knew who had also participated in some way on this mission:

  • Major Sholt, Harbor Master
  • Mr. Cavers, Marine Major Superintendent
  • Captain William Baker, Ship Captain
  • Sergeant Jack Kile
  • Sergeant William Carlin
  • Mr. Smith, I lived with him.  He won the distinguished service cross and silver star in France.


Doris, Sam
and daughter Pam

Sam & Mark

Mark Beard

* The Soldier's Medal is awarded for valor...heroism not involving actual conflict with the enemy.

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