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Attu Village Sign

The Sign Reads:
Attu Village: In this village the Aleuts
made their home. It consisted of about nine
buildings to house the population, and a
Russian Orthodox Church. The Village had a
Priest and a School Teacher. The Teacher was
also the village Doctor.

These are links to photos and stories supplied by folks either stationed on or visiting Attu during the Post-WWII years. The United States maintains a contingency of Coast Guard troops on the Island, whose primary responsibility is to maintain LORAN-C navigational equipment. Pete Wolfe and Jim Flynn has so far provided the bulk of these photos, which were forwarded to us by Rene Thibault. Our thanks to all for providing such beautiful content for these pages!

The scrapbooks are collections of stories and photos unique to an individual of their experiences on Attu.

Pacific Pulsator, 15 Jul 1949 - Attu's Loran Station (Pg 4)


Originally published 5 April 2001

Updated: 11/11/2014