Click on the compass icon below to bring up the Attu, AK. coordinates map in a separate window. This map will help to locate where on the Island the photos are taken. I'll add the coordinates to the descriptions for each photo as they are supplied.

Attu Coordinates Map

Coast Guard Station View of Marine Area #1

This is a 1993 photo of a view from the Coast Guard Station looking towards the Marine area. (Photo by Pete Wolfe, provided by R. Thibault)

Tank Refueling, Attu 1993 #2

A view of tank refueling, Attu, 1993. (Photo by Pete Wolfe, provided by R. Thibault)


Attu P-38 Remains, 1993 #3

Attu, 1993. The business end of the remains of a WWII P-38, tail number 13400, on Attu, just east of the Temnac River, about 1 mile inland. Coordinates 4G. It was January, 1945, when 2nd Lt. Robert L. Nesmith took off from Attu's Alexai Point Army Airfield as the third man in a four-ship formation of P-38s. He was flying P-38 tail number 13400. They were flying a low-level across Attu when Lt. Nesmith got a little too close to the ground. From his cockpit he could see the grains in the snow on the ground. Please click HERE for the rest of the story. Webmaster) (Photo by Pete Wolfe, provided by R. Thibault) NOTE: To visit the P-38 Restoration Project page, click HERE

Attu's Crashed P-38 #4

While working for the United States Coast Guard last summer, I was sent to the USCG Loran-C station on Attu Island, Alaska. On one of my days off, I hiked about 8 miles to the West of the Station to a P-38 crash site.  Coordinates 4G. If you follow the river that starts in the bay that almost reaches north to the 4G square about 2 miles inland towards the northwest, the P-38 is located a couple hundred yards north of the river. (E-Mail Philip Nell)(Web Site)

Attu's Crashed P-38, P. Nell #5

The plane is fairly intact, but the guns have been removed. Coordinates 4G. (Philip Nell)


Attu's Crashed P-38, P. Nell #6

I believe the crash occurred after the war, when the pilot flew up the wrong valley with low ceilings (unverified rumor). Coordinates 4G. (Philip Nell)


Attu'sCrashed P-38, P. Nell #7

The wingtips (outboard of the engines) and props have been removed. Coordinates 4G. (Philip Nell)


Attu's Crashed P-38, P. Nell #8

It appears that something has been removed from both booms just aft of the superchargers. Coordinates 4G. (Philip Nell)


Attu's Crashed P-38, P. Nell #9

The cockpit has been stripped of instruments. Coordinates 4G. (Philip Nell)


attu-nell-p38_7-thmb.jpg (2889 bytes) #10

The plane has "13400" in 5-inch high yellow numbers on the vertical stabilizers. If you have more information on this crash, I would love to hear it! I doubt the plane could be removed as most of Attu is a national monument. I have a few photos and am willing to answer questions. Coordinates 4G. E-Mail: Philip Nell


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