We've not had this site built up as it should be, and am starting the Amchitka WW-II Veteran's Database from scratch. If you are a veteran of WW-II Amchitka, or the relative of one, please enter your information to share with others who may be looking for a buddy from long ago, in the land of the 50mph fog.

We have converted from a plain web page table to an actual database format for containing the data of our Aleutian veterans. Please have your Amchitka assignment start and termination dates ready to go before you start entering your data. For this database to function correctly, we must have dates entered in the date fields. If you are not certain as to what the exact dates were, please enter your best guess, and select "No" for date certain, otherwise enter your dates, and select "Yes" for date certain.

Enter Data

You can also view your entered information, along with that information about all the veterans entered into our Amchitka WW-II veteran's database. Select the "View" icon below to bring up the data view page. More views are currently being added.

Thank you for visiting with our Amchitka WW-II Veteran's page.


Last Updated: 21 April 2014 14:52

Originally published 24 July 2001

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