Caption for (WX16-Sept.22)
Navy's Kiska Weather Unit Held Prisoners
By Japs

(WX16-Sept.22) NAVYS KISKA WEATHER UNIT HELD PRISONERS BY JAPS--Ten of these 12 men, pictured when they were operating a Navy Weather and radio station unit on Kiska before Jap invasion, are now held prisoners. Two were not present when the Japs took over and only the dog was found when Yanks recaptured the island. In the group are: Front, (L to R) Ship's Cook John C. McCandless, Oakmont, PA.; Radioman Robert Christensen, Bremerton, Wash.; Aerographer's Mate Walter Monroe Winfry, Cliffside Park, N.J.; Seamen Gilbert E. Palmer, Evansville, Ind.; Wilfred Ivan Caffey, Coquille, Ore.; Back Row (L to R) Aerographer's Mate James Leroy Turner, Seattle, Wash.; Chief Pharmacist's Mate Rolland L. Coffield, Seattle; Aerographer's Mate William Charles House, Escondito, Calif.; Lt. Mulls (not further identified); Gunner's Mate LeThayer E. Eckles, Osborne, Kans.; Photographer's Mate Lou Yaconelli, North Hollywood, Calif.; Radioman Madison L. Courtenay, Jr., Riverhead, (text illegible). Lt. Mulls and Yaconelli were not captured. (AP Wirephoto).

[NOTE: A correction sent to us by Glen Palmer, son of "Gilbert E. Palmer," indicates that Gilbert's name is actually "Milo G. Palmer. Our thanks to Glen for this update!]


[Note: The dog remained on Kiska. Her name was "Explosion." She looked like either a shepherd/lab mix or some sort of husky mix. The text was partially obscured. If you have corrections to text, please contact the webmaster.]

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