Over the past several years we've received requests for patches and badges of various images displayed on our web site, such as the "Attu" patch, the "Polar Bear" patch, etc. While we don't have the facility in-house to make the patches, we can make the badges. The construction consists of a printed, full-color image compressed between a metal backing plate with a plastic protective covering on the front. There is a metal pin-clasp on the back of the badge that would allow you to fasten the badge to an item of clothing. These badges are much like the political/issue badges you've seen during election years.

We are looking into having these images produced as cloth patches as well. When we can find a supplier, we will post a notice on this page that they are available, and what the cost would be.

We have integrated shopping cart software into our web site...just like the big guys do, that should present a familiar look and feel to those of you who have shopped online before. For those of you who haven't yet experienced this process, we do use a secure system to encrypt and protect your information.

We have set up our secure transactions through "PayPal." Many of you who have  purchased items through eBay auctions and other online stores will most likely already have a PayPal account. For those of you who don't, click on the icons below to establish your own account (PS: The accounts are free!).

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We currently offer only two button products at this time (you gotta start somewhere!). So, when (and if) you are ready to "go shopping," click on the Shopping Cart ("Go Shopping") link below!





Last Updated: 04 Jan 2013 11:54
Originally published 29 May 2001