These pictures are of various scenes captured by those who lived in, traveled to, or were otherwise stationed in towns such as Anchorage or Fairbanks, AK during the war years. Our thanks to those who have contributed to these pages! Hopefully some of our visitors will share similar photos with us!


anchorage-bars.jpg (37220 bytes)


#1. Bars along an Anchorage street, serving a little "antifreeze" to the folks in town. (Contributed by Bill Harris, from his dad's collection)
anchorage-broadway.jpg (40244 bytes)


#2. Anchorage's version of Broadway. The only thing that is missing are the millions of lights...and oh yes, the temperature's a little off as well. (Contributed by Bill Harris)
anchorage-postoffice.jpg (34180 bytes)


#3. The Anchorage post office. You might find the dog sled delivery vehicles behind the building. (Contributed by Bill Harris)
anchorage-street-1.jpg (30768 bytes)


#4. This picture was simply titled, Street 1, and was taken in Anchorage. (Contributed by Bill Harris)
fairbanks-kayefurs.jpg (35499 bytes) #5. This picture was taken in Fairbanks. Notice the "Kaye's Furs" store in the background? (Contributed by Bill Harris)


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Originally published 8 May 2001